In the past, festive accessories were a rarity for men and not used by everyone. You can still easily add a great watch or a bracelet to your festive outfit. However, typical festive accessories such as malas, mojaris and pocket squares help men take the lead in the ethnic fashion game and enhance their trendy festive wear. What we like most about these accessories is that they highlight your individuality and personal style, and help you stand out from the crowd. From jewellery to pocket squares and footwear, here is a complete guide to festive mens accessories that will help you elevate your style. 

Pocket Squares that Complement the Colour of Your Ethnic Ensemble

This square piece of cloth that snugly adorns the breast pocket of your sherwani or kurta is not just a stylish hint of fabric on you. It lends that much required colour pop on most of your ethnic ensembles. While it’s not advanced origami, you can use your creativity to fold and fan out so all the edges are visible or slide it into your pocket so it looks imperfectly perfect. However, if it makes your breast pocket bulge, refold it and make it a smaller pocket square. Online guides can help you bring to life cagney fold or the puff fold with your pocket square. Choose wisely so you can use it to style your ethnic wear to enhance your personal style. 

Jewellery that Elevates Your Personal Style

Years ago, men identified with bold pieces of metal, watches or metal bands as jewellery for all occasions including festive dos. A lot has changed and you’ll see men embracing accessories such as brooches, malas, sarpeches and sehras in various styles and materials to suit a festive occasion. What to look for while shopping for men’s jewellery? Keep your outfit in mind, appropriate time and place to put these on. For instance emerald pearl encrusted brooches or crystal-studded brooches are great evening wear options to enhance your sherwani look. A single-layered pearl mala can add panache to a black bandhgala like no other. 

Dress to Impress with Mojaris and Leather Shoes

Traditional Indian attire is complete with a mojari or juti. They can be paired quite effortlessly with kurtas, sherwanis and bandhgalas. Today, you can find mojaris in a range of prints and colours including pastel shades with brocade detailing or leather detailing. For the leather-aficionados, there is a choice of velvet leather and patterned leather shoes that can complete any ethnic look with ease. 

We hope this guide on men’s festive accessories helps you put together your festive look.

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