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Article: Celebrate in Color: Trendy Haldi Outfit Ideas for Grooms

Celebrate in Color: Trendy Haldi Outfit Ideas for Grooms
Haldi Outfit

Celebrate in Color: Trendy Haldi Outfit Ideas for Grooms

The grand Indian wedding is an extravagant celebration of the union between two souls embarking on a journey of love and companionship. The day is filled with unlimited music, delectable multi-cuisine food, and the perfect time to showcase one’s unique style. The wedding festivities are interwoven with several pre-wedding rituals that hold immense cultural and emotional significance. One such joyous event is the haldi ceremony, a ritual that marks the beginning of wedding ceremonies. 
Gone are those days when the bride’s outfit alone was the talk of the town. Amidst the luxurious décor and fun-packed activities with close friends and family, choosing the right haldi dress for groom is equally crucial. Since the spotlight is always on the bride and groom-to-be during these wedding rituals, selecting the perfect haldi outfit for groom and bride that is made from premium-quality fabric, designed to excellence, and features intricacies that keep one hooked on its appeal completes the function well.  
A thoughtfully chosen outfit becomes a symbol of celebration, reflecting the vibrancy of the event while allowing the pair to showcase their impeccable fashion taste. While the bride would already have a mood board ready, here are a few promising haldi outfit ideas for grooms that you would love to imbibe. Read more to discover our world of fashion at Tasva.  

Understanding the Haldi Tradition 

The Haldi ceremony holds a special place in the hearts of all, regardless of age. This cherished ritual is an intimate gathering of close family and friends, who lovingly apply turmeric paste on the hands, legs, neck, and face of the bride and groom. While the ceremony's significance may vary among different religions, it predominantly centres around the vibrant colors, medicinal qualities, and cultural beliefs linked to the auspicious Haldi.  
Some families believe that applying haldi a day before D-Day keeps the evil eye at bay, while others consider it a symbol of blessing. The rest simply apply haldi, as it is loaded with antiseptic properties that cleanse the couple’s skin and provide them with a radiance that lets them shine on the wedding day. Additionally, it is believed that yellow is an auspicious color that ushers in a life of prosperity as the couple starts their new life together. 

Recently, with the growing popularity of theme weddings and events, the color yellow stands at the forefront during this ritual. Everything from the luxurious haldi décor to the couture ensembles showcases different hues and shades of yellow. If you’re about to get married, a captivating haldi kurta for groom from Tasva will make you stand apart from the rest, thus giving you the unique, dashing look you have been aiming for. 

Exploring Yellow Haldi Outfits For Men

We, at Tasva, understand your desire to make a statement during the wedding ceremonies; hence, we bring you a range of groom haldi ceremony dresses that amp up your elegance for the event. From a classic yellow kurta for men to a stylized bundi set, we’ve got you covered with everything you will ever need. Read more, explore a range of Haldi outfit ideas for grooms, and make your best choice. 

All Over Buti Yellow Embroidered Kurta Set

When it comes to finding the best haldi dress for groom, a classic kurta set never goes out of style. Tasva brings an extensive range of kurtas in various hues of yellow, intricate embroidery, mirror works, and whatnot. Each one is meticulously made to perfection to provide you with an impeccable haldi look that makes you the talk of the town. Our Yellow Ochre All Over Buti Embroidered Kurta Set, is a masterpiece that flaunts a comfortable silhouette adorned with intricate thread and sequin work all over. You can complete the groom haldi look with the stylish dhoti it comes with, along with ivory-embroidered mojaris to sweep your bride off the floor. 

A Man Wearing Yellow Embroidered Kurta Set


Yellow Top Stitch Bundi For Men

A haldi function dress for groom must give him an opulent, show-stopping appearance. Our Yellow Top Stitch Bundi does just that and more. 

A Man Wearing Yellow Top Stitch Bundi


 This yellow Nehru jacket is a bright-hued, sophisticated silhouette adorned with a top stitch thread and gold edging over the hem and collar. You can pair this elegant bundi with a white kurta-churidar set and complement the look with tan leather mojari. Add a white pocket square for added elegance. 

Yellow Open Front Kurta Bundi Set

If your goal is to leave lasting impressions on this special day, you can always count on a yellow kurta bundi set for men. We bring you one of our most stylish pieces, the Yellow Open Front Kurta Bundi Set, a work of art destined to make jaws drop.  

A Man Wearing Yellow Kurta Bundi Set

This regal ensemble is a three-piece set comprised of a kurta, a bundi, and an aligarhi. The interplay of yellow and golden hues radiates luxury and unparalleled charm at all inches. You can wear this groom's dress for the Haldi ceremony with tan leather shoes and be prepared for a shower of limitless compliments. 

Accessorizing Your Haldi Look

Regardless of whether you choose to show up for your haldi ceremony in a kurta set or a yellow Nehru jacket, ensure the right accessories enhance its get-up multifolds. So, let’s take a look at a few accessories that will complement your haldi outfit ideas for grooms. 

Stylish stoles:

These are hands down the easiest accessories to experiment with. A subtle-hued haldi kurta for groom can turn into a statement ensemble with our Red Floral Pattern Stole seamlessly. You can simply wrap this stole around your shoulders or keep it on one shoulder for a stylized look. 

 Men Kurta & Red Floral Pattern Stole for Groom

Mojaris or leather shoes:

When it comes to slaying a traditional haldi outfit for the groom, mojaris and leather shoes serve as timeless options that will complement your outfit like no other. When confused about which color will suit your groom's haldi look the most, tan footwear will always come to the rescue. 

 Ivory Brocade Embroidered Mojari for Groom


These are the perfect definition of "small accessories, bigger impact." Choose brooches with eye-catching designs and varied colors for a distinguished look. Tasva brings you these statement accessories in captivating colors like emerald, brown, gold, and more. 

Dark Green Ornate Emerald Crystal Brooch 

We hope you found your treasure trove of Haldi outfit ideas for grooms through this blog. Stay tuned for more such content and shop from Tasva now.

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