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Article: Turn Heads With These Style Essentials For Eid Celebrations

Turn Heads With These Style Essentials For Eid Celebrations

Turn Heads With These Style Essentials For Eid Celebrations

Discover the essential fashion picks to make a statement for Eid celebrations. Blend tradition & contemporary style effortlessly with our top picks. 

Eid, a season of jubilation and camaraderie, calls for an attire that mirrors the spirit of the occasion—grand yet comfortable, traditional yet contemporary. 

Embark on a sartorial journey through Tasva’s meticulously curated collection, where each garment weaves a tale of timeless elegance and modern refinement. Join us as we delve into the quintessential picks that will elevate your Eid ensemble. 

  1. Embroidered Sherwani: Regal Splendor


Visualize yourself stepping into the festivities, a commanding presence that draws attention and admiration with every stride. Enveloped in a resplendent sherwani, you become the embodiment of regal charm and sophistication. 

Crafted from sumptuous fabrics and adorned with intricate embroidery, an Embroidered Sherwani transcends mere clothing—it becomes an emblem of celebration.

If you want to keep it minimal, you can opt for warm white hues such as ivory or beige to leave a chic impression. Pair it with impeccably tailored trousers and ethnic footwear, seamlessly blending tradition with contemporary flair. 


  1. Kurta Set: Effortless Grace


For those who seek comfort without compromising on style, a Kurta Set epitomizes effortless sophistication. Picture yourself amidst loved ones, exuding charm and grace in a perfectly flowing kurta, complemented by fitted churidar.

To add versatility to your outfir, you can opt for darker tones like black or charcoal gray, which will allow you to transition effortlessly from daytime gatherings to evening celebrations. Complete your ensemble with a sleek watch—a subtle nod to refinement. 


  1. Bundis & Nehru Jacket: Timeless Versatility


The Bundis & Nehru Jacket, both sartorial masterpieces, can add great depth and character to your ensemble. Whether layered over a kurta or paired with a crisply tailored shirt and trousers, it exudes timeless elegance.

You can opt for luxurious fabrics—velvet or jacquard—embellished with intricate detailing. The Nehru jacket bridges eras, effortlessly straddling tradition and modernity.  

As you don these iconic pieces, consider it a canvas for personal expression. Complete the look with ethnic footwear and carefully chosen accessories—a polished finish that speaks volumes. 

The perfect Pairings 

You’ve picked your outfits, now it’s time to style them perfectly. These timeless style essentials will elevate your Eid outfits and give it a regal look.  

The Mojari 


A traditional ensemble is complete without the perfect pair of ethnic footwear—a testament to your attention to detail and appreciation for tradition. 

Slip into traditional Mojaris or Juttis, intricately crafted with beads, sequins, or threadwork, to add an authentic touch to your look. These white one will go with all your looks.  

Statement Accessories 

Embrace your individuality and creativity with statement accessories that reflect your unique style. Adorn yourself with embroidered stoles, ornate brooches,
or embellished turbans to add flair and personality to your ensemble.

Accessories not only enhance your overall look but also serve as conversation starters, inviting admiration and intrigue from fellow revelers. 

Explore Tasva 

Visit our website or follow us on social media to discover the perfect ensemble for your Eid celebration. Embrace tradition, embrace style, and make this Eid a truly memorable one with Tasva. 

With an array of styling options, we hope that your Eid celebrations will be a harmonious blend of tradition & contemporary flair, as you step forth in refined elegance.  

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