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Article: Wedding Lookbook: Top Trending Wedding Sherwani Designs for the Groom

Wedding Lookbook: Top Trending Wedding Sherwani Designs for the Groom

Wedding Lookbook: Top Trending Wedding Sherwani Designs for the Groom

The grandeur of Indian weddings is reflected in the elaborate rituals, luxurious décor and themes, intricately crafted outfits, and whatnot. It’s a gala celebrating the new beginnings of a couple, where everything is meticulously planned and executed to perfection. Since the bride and groom are always under the spotlight during these rituals, it is essential for them to pick ensembles that showcase a perfect blend of culture, tradition, and personal style. 

Like a gorgeous lehenga choli or a handwoven zari saree for a bride, men's sherwani is an essential component of every man's traditional wardrobe. It originates from the opulent Mughal Era, making sherwani for marriage a timeless piece. With time, innovation and cultural differences, wedding sherwani styles have evolved voluminously from extensively embroidered long and flowy silhouettes to something more minimal, symmetrical and classic. 

If you are a groom-to-be looking to smother everyone around you, choosing the right one based on your theme and personal preferences becomes crucial. With a plethora of traditional and contemporary sherwani designs available in the market, you must pick one that best fits your taste and aesthetic. Read further to discover the trending designs of a sherwani for grooms by Tasva, which you can invest in now. 

The Classic Sherwani: Timeless Elegance

When it comes to weddings, wearing a classic sherwani suit is bound to add a regal touch to the wedding. A traditional sherwani design often features a sophisticated silk or velvet fabric luxuriously adorned with intricate embroidery, heavy embellishments, and a long, flowy silhouette. Unlike the trending designs today, this must-have piece is typically crafted in vibrant colours such as red, green, or blue thus making the groom everyone’s centre of attention. 

If you’re a groom who loves the old-school aesthetic, our Rust Open Front Embroidered Sherwani would be your best bet. Its intricate floral detailing and combination of the rust and gold colour palette make it a one-of-a-kind masterpiece. You can add a regal touch to this men’s sherwanis by pairing it with a statement brooch and gold-embroidered mojaris. 

A Man Wearing Rust Open Front Embroidered Sherwani

Rust Open Front Embroidered Sherwani

Additionally, you can also opt for our Red Resham Brocade Sherwani for a look that stands out. Its sherwani design is surreal and can be complemented by red brocade mojaris and pearl mala. This is sure to give you an imperial look that leaves everyone feeling mesmerised by your fashion choices.

A Man Wearing Red Resham Brocade Sherwani

Red Resham Brocade Sherwani 

Contemporary Twist: Modern Sherwani Styles

As a fashion-forward individual, you might want to infuse a dash of modernity into a traditional sherwani for groom. This is when being up-to-date with the latest trends in the world of wedding couture will help you make the right choice. Today, the trending wedding sherwani styles are all about layering, pastel hues, minimal design, mirror work, and delicate, intricate embroidery. 

You can choose your silhouette, colour, and design of the sherwani suit based on factors such as your wedding theme, décor, your bride’s outfit, and your personal preferences. If you and your bride are keen on minimalism, the subtle pastel palette of our Jade Sequined Georgette Sherwani is sure to allure you. It’s a contemporary twist to traditional attire made with a georgette fabric that is luxuriously adorned with Resham and Aari work all over. A classic ivory safa, an ivory pocket square, and an exquisite pearl mala paired with this western sherwani are sure to make jaws drop. 

A Man Wearing Jade Sequined Georgette Sherwani

Jade Sequined Georgette Sherwani  


Keeping the classic-contemporary theme in mind, you can also choose to wear our Beige Quilted Sherwani, a masterpiece that flaunts muted hues accentuated with hints of gold. You can keep it simple by donning a monochrome look with beige embroidered mojaris and safa, or add drama by pairing the sherwani suit with maroon mojaris, safa, and pocket square for a scene-stealing look.


A Man Wearing Beige Quilted Sherwani
Beige Quilted Sherwani 

Colour Trends: Beyond the Basics

Choosing a designer sherwani for groom is more than just about matching the aesthetics of a bride’s lehenga and most of it relies on the colour palette. With a sea of wedding sherwani styles and colours available on the market, you are bound to feel overwhelmed when picking the perfect one for your D-Day. 


Here’s the deal: From contrasts to monochromes and minimal to extravagant, everything is in style, which makes it easier for you to experiment with colours that best suit you. This is the key to slaying a sherwani suit that looks simply ethereal. Here’s how you can nail the colour selection part of your men’s sherwani shopping: 

Analyse your skin tone:

Understanding your skin tone is key to choosing the perfect men's sherwani. For a cool undertone (pinkish or bluish complexion), opt for emerald green or royal blue sherwanis. Warm undertones (golden or peachy tones) suit maroon, gold, and orange hues. If you have a neutral undertone, lucky you—any colour works. Experiment freely with vivid to subdued shades to find your ideal match effortlessly. 

Consider the season: 

Wearing a dark-coloured sherwani suit for the summer wedding is not just against fashion norms but can turn you into a walking sauna. Conversely, wearing summer hues in the winter screams fashion confusion. At this time, you can experiment with colours such as maroon, blue, and purple for a winter wedding, thus impressing your guests with a distinguished look. 

Double-check your wedding theme:

Modern-day grooms understand the importance of aligning hues and shades with the wedding theme for a harmonious look. For example, a beach or destination daytime wedding calls for lighter fabrics and pastel hues, whereas an evening wedding with a festive or lively theme would best complement dark-hued ensembles. All in all, considering the colour palette and vibe of the wedding theme, it will best complement your men’s sherwani, thus elevating your overall look seamlessly.  

Selecting the Perfect Sherwani: Tips and Tricks

Sure, you want to make the right choice when selecting the sherwani suit for your wedding, but the confusion about fabrics, colours, and embroidery is brimming up in your mind. Fret not, as these tips will help you pick the best one. 

Consider body type:

Choosing a sherwani that complements your body type is essential. If you're slim and tall, opt for a long sherwani with a straight cut to add height and balance. For a larger frame, go for an A-line or Angrakha-style sherwani that emphasises your body shape. These styles create a more proportional figure. If you're of medium height and build, explore various wedding sherwani styles, but steer clear of overly lengthy ones to avoid overpowering your silhouette. 

Pick the right fabric:

For the wedding, you must choose fabrics of sherwani suits that make you feel comfortable while making you stand out from the crowd. Browse through a wide range of fabrics, such as silk, linen, georgette, velvet, and more, before making a choice. 

Consider the occasion:

When picking a sherwani suit for yourself, consider the time of the wedding ceremony or perhaps the ritual you are wearing it for. Daytime weddings call for lighter, pastel hues, whereas evening weddings demand darker, richer colours. In terms of rituals, a yellow sherwani would be an ideal choice for haldi, and green would look great for mehendi. However, this must also depend on your wedding theme. 

Select embroideries:

Choosing the right embellishments for a groom's wedding sherwani is crucial. Opt for elaborate zari embroidery, stone decorations, sequins, or threadwork that suits the event's formality. Lavishly embroidered sherwanis with zardozi or Gota Patti work are perfect for grand weddings. Lighter embroidery works well for pre-wedding events, while minimalistic or self-textured sherwanis are suitable for smaller ceremonies, ensuring a stylish yet appropriate look. 

Once you are done picking your sherwani suit, choose the right accessories that complement or enhance its appeal for a perfect look. We hope this blog helps you make the right sherwani choice. Stay tuned and shop for fashionable, thoughtfully crafted wedding sherwani styles from Tasva now. 

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