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Buy Achkan for Men Online in India

As the tides of fashion for women have evolved like ebb and flow, the evolution of men's traditional wear has been remarkable, particularly the achkan for grooms. Once the preserve of royalty, the achkan for men has journeyed through time to become an emblem of panache in modern Indian couture. Today, Tasva redefines this heritage by offering a seamless blend of age-old artistry and current trends through its extensive range of achkan designs for men. Every piece in our collection is a testament to the evolution of style, from the royal courts to the modern-day wardrobe, making it an impeccable choice for weddings and occasions alike. Step into Tasva's world to experience the fusion of tradition and innovation and let the sophistication of our achkans be the highlight of your ceremonial attire. 

Beige Thread Embroidered AchkanBeige Thread Embroidered Achkan
Beige Thread Embroidered Achkan Sale price₹ 32,999
Beige Dori Embroidered AchkanBeige Dori Embroidered Achkan
Beige Dori Embroidered Achkan Sale price₹ 39,999
Asymmetric Jacket Paired with Kurta and AligarhiAsymmetric Jacket Paired with Kurta and Aligarhi
Achkan With Pleat DetailsAchkan With Pleat Details
Achkan With Pleat Details Sale price₹ 13,999
All Over Embroidered Velvet AchkanAll Over Embroidered Velvet Achkan
Achkan With Embroidery HighlightsAchkan With Embroidery Highlights
Aqua Brocade Achkan With Embroidered CollarAqua Brocade Achkan With Embroidered Collar
Achkan With Java Embroidery DetailAchkan With Java Embroidery Detail
All Over Textured AchkanAll Over Textured Achkan
All Over Textured Achkan Sale price₹ 24,999
Dark Green Brocade AchkanDark Green Brocade Achkan
Dark Green Brocade Achkan Sale price₹ 11,999
Asymmetric jacket paired with kurta and salwarAsymmetric jacket paired with kurta and salwar
Sleeveless Jacket with Embroidered Pockets Paired with Kurta and DhotiSleeveless Jacket with Embroidered Pockets Paired with Kurta and Dhoti
Classic Achkan With Tasva ButtonsClassic Achkan With Tasva Buttons
Light Green Brocade AchkanLight Green Brocade Achkan
Light Green Brocade Achkan Sale price₹ 13,999
Classic Achkan In Fine BrocadeClassic Achkan In Fine Brocade
Classic Achkan In Fine Brocade Sale price₹ 11,999
Classic Achkan In Fine JacquardClassic Achkan In Fine Jacquard
Classic Achkan In Fine Jacquard Sale price₹ 11,999
Panelled AchkanPanelled Achkan
Panelled Achkan Sale price₹ 12,999
Jade Green Brocade AchkanJade Green Brocade Achkan
Jade Green Brocade Achkan Sale price₹ 14,999
Ivory Resham Embroidered AchkanIvory Resham Embroidered Achkan
Ivory Resham Embroidered Achkan Sale price₹ 29,999
Maroon Brocade AchkanMaroon Brocade Achkan
Maroon Brocade Achkan Sale price₹ 13,999
Jacket Paired with Kurta and AligarhiJacket Paired with Kurta and Aligarhi
Lilac Achkan In Silk With Aari And Zardozi EmbroideryLilac Achkan In Silk With Aari And Zardozi Embroidery
Classic Achkan with Embroidered CollarClassic Achkan with Embroidered Collar
Gold Resham Brocade AchkanGold Resham Brocade Achkan
Gold Resham Brocade Achkan Sale price₹ 11,999
Ivory Classic AchkanIvory Classic Achkan
Ivory Classic Achkan Sale price₹ 16,999
Pink All Over Embroidered Silk AchkanPink All Over Embroidered Silk Achkan
Pink All Over Resham Embroidered AchkanPink All Over Resham Embroidered Achkan
All Over Embroidered Achkan In SilkAll Over Embroidered Achkan In Silk
Gold Brocade AchkanGold Brocade Achkan
Gold Brocade Achkan Sale price₹ 16,999
Ivory All Over Embroidered AchkanIvory All Over Embroidered Achkan
Gold Sleevless Achkan With Embroidered CollarGold Sleevless Achkan With Embroidered Collar
Rust Achkan with Thread Work detailingRust Achkan with Thread Work detailing
Navy Achkan With Embroidery HighlightsNavy Achkan With Embroidery Highlights
Brown Panelled AchkanBrown Panelled Achkan
Brown Panelled Achkan Sale price₹ 12,999
Brocade AchkanBrocade Achkan
Brocade Achkan Sale price₹ 13,999
Digital Printed Achkan In Sheeting BaseDigital Printed Achkan In Sheeting Base
Classic Achkan In Schiffli BaseClassic Achkan In Schiffli Base
Classic Achkan In Schiffli Base Sale price₹ 19,999
Classic Achkan With Embroidered CollarClassic Achkan With Embroidered Collar
Ivory Achkan With Tissue Applique And Aari EmbroideryIvory Achkan With Tissue Applique And Aari Embroidery
Sleeveless Achkan SetSleeveless Achkan Set
Sleeveless Achkan Set Sale price₹ 19,999
Pink All Over Thread Embroidered AchkanPink All Over Thread Embroidered Achkan
Brocade Achkan With Zardosi Embroidered CollarBrocade Achkan With Zardosi Embroidered Collar
Beige Embroidered AchkanBeige Embroidered Achkan
Beige Embroidered Achkan Sale price₹ 27,999
Jade Green Brocade Quilted AchkanJade Green Brocade Quilted Achkan
Peach Brocade AchkanPeach Brocade Achkan
Peach Brocade Achkan Sale price₹ 13,999
All Over Dori Embroiderd AchkanAll Over Dori Embroiderd Achkan
All Over Dori Embroiderd Achkan Sale price₹ 39,999
Achkan With Zardozi Embroidery HighlightsAchkan With Zardozi Embroidery Highlights
Achkan With Applique Work And Aari EmbroideryAchkan With Applique Work And Aari Embroidery

Different Types of Achkan Designs for Groom

Explore the myriad of achkan designs for the groom at Tasva, each exquisitely crafted to enhance the wearer's stature. From the subtlety of our all-over textured Achkans to the opulent embroidered and brocade pieces, our collection is a testament to the timeless appeal of Indian ceremonial wear. 

All Over Textured Achkan

Our all-over textured achkan for groom, like the Rust Achkan with Thread Work Detailing, offers a tactile richness that is both visually appealing and elegant. The play of fabric and texture adds a layer of depth to the attire, making it an exemplary choice for grooms seeking a subtle yet distinctive look. 

Embroidered Achkan

The artistry of our embroidered achkan designs for groom is evident in pieces like the Pink All Over Resham Embroidered Achkan. Intricate patterns woven with precision showcase a blend of tradition and modernity, ideal for a groom who desires a garment that speaks volumes of his taste and persona. 

Brocade Achkan

Indulge in the luxury of our brocade Achkan, where each piece, such as the Brocade Achkan with Embroidered Collar, is a testament to timelessness and attention to detail. The brocade fabric exudes a lustrous sheen that captures the essence of grandeur, perfect for the achkan dress for men to stand out. 

Style Achkan With Accessories

However dressy and sophisticated Achkans may be, having the right accessories is key to elevating the traditional achkan. Adorn your attire with a selection of elegant brooches, vibrant pocket squares, classic mojaris, and sophisticated men's jewellery, each designed to complement the regal essence of this revered attire. 


Adorn your achkan with a brooch, an accessory that adds a royal touch to the ensemble. Choose from our selections like the Maroon Stone and Crystal Brooch, which can accentuate the elegance of the achkan designs for weddings with its immaculate design and drop detailing specifically. 

Pocket Square

Complement your wedding achkan with a tastefully chosen pocket square. Options like the Blue Digitally Printed Logo Pocket Square can elevate the look with a pop of colour and sophistication. 


Our Mojari collection features styles like the Lime Green Brocade Mojari that pairs seamlessly with Ivory Achkan, offering comfort and subtleness to the eyes without compromising on style. Be it something colour-specific or something neutral, we at Tasva have your back with the Mojaris of your choice. 

Men's Jewellery 

Finalise your attire with men's jewellery, such as the Six Layered Maroon Beaded Mala, to add a touch of personal flair that resonates with the significance of the occasion. An additional kamarbandh like our Elaborate Embroidered Staple Maroon Gold Kamarbandh can fully amp up your look thus making you the groom of the season.  

Achkan for Every Occasion

Be it the sacred rituals of a wedding, the vibrant celebration of a Haldi, the formal elegance of an engagement, or the festive joy of a reception, Tasva's achkan designs for wedding and other occasions are crafted to make every moment memorable. 


An achkan for men is more than just attire; it's a symbol of the gravitas of the occasion. The specially designed wedding achkan for groom, like our Brown Panelled Achkan, when paired with our bestseller Gold Brocade with Square Motif Detail Mojari makes it the perfect companion to slay your big day. It is not just a garment but a canvas of tradition. It's meticulously crafted to make the groom the centre of attention, embodying the splendour of the ceremony. 


Bright and festive, our lighter shades, such as the Aqua Brocade Achkan with Embroidered Collar, capture the essence of the Haldi event. This achkan dress for men mirrors the light-heartedness of the ceremony, ensuring the groom looks radiant amid the turmeric hues. 


Mark the engagement with an achkan that speaks volumes of style and grace. Our Ivory All Over Embroidered Achkan, with its immaculate detailing, is designed for a groom who values elegance. This ensemble promises a contemporary look with a classic touch, perfect for the promise of a lifetime. 


Concluding the festivities requires a statement piece, and our Lilac Achkan in Silk with Aari and Zardozi Embroidery is just that. Its structured elegance and refined aesthetics make it a quintessential choice for the reception, ensuring the groom's presence is as memorable as the celebration itself. 

Latest Trends in Achkan Dress for Grooms in 2024

Tasva is at the forefront of fashion, continually innovating the traditional achkan designs for groom. As we move through 2024, our collection reflects the latest trends while staying true to the heritage of the classic achkan. The modern groom is assured of a look that is both trendsetting and timeless. 

Why Choose "Tasva" for Wedding Achkan

Selecting Tasva for your wedding achkan is about committing to excellence. Our achkan designs for men are crafted with the utmost attention to detail, ensuring every groom feels regal. With a Tasva achkan, you're not just dressed for the day; you are adorned in a narrative of cultural pride and contemporary elegance that will echo through the ages.