Brooches For Men

Brooches For Men

Brooches are great finishing touches to your festive garments. Traditionally, they were used to pin garments.
As fashion transitioned to include traditional elements, brooches are no longer ancient decorative ornaments. They adorn sherwanis, bundi jackets and festive kurtas as well. Adorn your traditional outfit from Tasva with a befitting brooch. From ornate brooches with gemstones to baroque-style brooches, there are plenty of options to choose from.

A Stylish Brooch for Men To Accessorise Your Look
Needless to say, a brooch is an age-old ornament that dates back to the Bronze Age while in India, its trend began in Mughal time. At present, the sensation of sporting a brooch not only describes personality but also mirrors one’s choice in an ornament.

Opt for floral design brooches with precious stones and add grace to your impression. Available in various shapes and designs, men's brooch is an ideal choice to pair with formal attires. No matter what you are wearing, be it a coat,bandhgala or a traditional sherwani and kurta, we offer an extensive brooch collection for every festivity in various designs and shades.

Variety of Brooch Design Offered by Tasva
Studded Brooch: Adorn a rich and regal look with stones studded brooch for men. These symbolise richness & fascination and add an elegant charm to your ensemble. Tasva presents a stunning array of coat brooch from sheer to a heavily studded brooch, to simple ones.

Lapel Pins Brooch: A lapel pin brooch is a small pin sported mostly on jackets. These brooches signify fashion ornament that goes fabulous on any occasion. Here, you can explore a beautiful assortment of lapel pins at a reasonable cost.

Chain Coat Brooch: This type of brooch is the one with a modern brooch where two brooches are interlinked with the chain. It looks tasteful and effortlessly goes with any ethnic attire for a stylish look.

Create your own brooch style by accessorising your achkan, blazer or kurta bundi set with a complementing brooch. Find the right spot on your chest for a brooch. Remember that you don't have to go by the conventional rules. Ensure that you have the effect that you were hoping for. Find all brooches fashionable at Tasva and find one that complements your attire.

Apart from these, you can find other variety of brooches including turban brooch, tie pin brooch, sherwani brooch, and more that can be adorned on various attires like Sherwani, Kurta sets, Achkans, Bandhgalas, Kurta Bundi Sets, Nehru Jackets, and more.

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FAQs on the Brooches For Men

Which side should men wear a brooch?

The brooch can be worn on either of the sides of the chest depending on the outfit worn by a man. A little too much either on the left or right can leave your brooch looking awkward.

What is the difference between a brooch & pin?

A Brooch is a decorative piece of jewellery worn for special occasions while a pin is more of an informal accessory

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What is the difference between a brooch and a lapel pin?

Brooches are made of decoratively shaped gems, or material while lapel pins are mostly die-cut metal.

Are brooches outdated?

Brooches are very much in trend nowadays and are one of the most versatile pieces of accessories that can be paired with sherwanis or blazers..