Shop Brooch for Men Online In India

Shop Brooch for Men Online In India

In the heart of India's rich cultural panorama, where every thread is woven with history and every color tells a story, the brooch for men emerges as a symbol of elegance and distinction. It's here, in the seamless blend of the nation's deep-rooted traditions and its embrace of contemporary style, that Tasva invites you to explore a collection of brooches for men. A journey through our online store is not just a shopping experience; it's a passage through time, where the regal essence of the Mughal courts meets the bespoke needs of the modern gentleman. Tasva's brooches are not just wedding accessories; they are relics of the past, reimagined for today's fashion-forward man, ready to shop at the click of a button and wear as a badge of honour in India's ever-evolving narrative of style. 

Types of Brooches for Men

Tasva's collection of brooches for men is crafted to celebrate the individuality of the wearer, providing an array of styles to suit any occasion or outfit. From the regal impression of a Coat Brooch to the subtle sophistication of a Kurta Brooch, each piece is an emblem of personal style and an heirloom of modern elegance.  

Coat Brooch

Our array of Coat Brooches brings an element of old-world charm to modern attire. Each brooch, especially our premier Round Gold Crystal & Stone Brooch, is designed to be a conversation starter, enhancing your outerwear with a dignified sparkle that's both subtle and commanding. 

Sherwani Brooch

For the traditional attire that graces India's grandest ceremonies, our Sherwani Brooches are nothing short of majestic. Take, for example, our Silver Crystals With Black Stone Brooch. It's where the artisanal heritage meets the allure of contemporary aesthetics, creating a focal point that celebrates the richness of Indian craftsmanship. 

Kurta Brooch

A kurta, the quintessential Indian garment, finds its perfect match in our selection of brooches for men's kurtas. Pieces like the Emerald Pearl Encrusted Brooch not only complement the fabric but also add a layer of aristocratic elegance to your ensemble, ensuring that the simplicity of a kurta stands out with an understated yet majestic sheen. 

Blazer Brooch

For the modern man who prefers the sharp lines of a blazer, Tasva presents brooches that embody sophistication. The Marquise Mother Of Pearl Drop Brooch, for instance, is a modern classic that adds a definitive edge to your formal or semi-formal blazers, making it an ideal accessory for those who appreciate the finer details that signify luxury and style. 

Occasions for Wearing Brooch For Men

Brooches can be the crowning jewel for various occasion wear, each serving as a pivotal accent that can elevate a man's attire from memorable to unforgettable. Here are some options to choose from as per the occasion. 


A wedding is a milestone where every detail is imbued with meaning. A classic men’s brooch for wedding pinned on the groom's ensemble is a testament to elegance and a display of the rich cultural significance. This serves as a beacon of the family's heritage and the occasion's solemnity. 


During festivals, a brooch is not merely an accessory but a burst of tradition on your lapel. It's an exclamation of joy and a nod to the communal spirit of celebration, enhancing the festive garb with a touch of personal style and festive exuberance. 


The vibrant yellow of Haldi ceremonies is best complemented with a brooch that echoes the warmth and auspiciousness of the occasion. A brooch like the Crystal with Semi Precious Stone Brooch can mirror the golden glow of turmeric, adding to the luminosity of the day's rituals. 


A Sangeet is an evening of melody and dance, where a sparkling brooch can twinkle in tandem with the beat. It is an accessory that celebrates the artistry of movement and the melody of life, becoming a shimmering part of the revelry. 


As the evening of the reception unfolds, your brooch becomes a statement of your persona. Selecting an ornate piece can elevate your attire, making it a focal point of conversation and a reflection of the grandeur of the night. 

Different Styles of Men's Brooch

Our brooches are not mere ornaments; they are distinctive hallmarks of a man's attention to detail and his taste for the finer things in life. So here are some distinct pieces to choose from to create a signature look. 

Crystal Brooch

The sparkle of a Crystal Brooch, especially our resplendent Black Crystal Studded Brooch, captures the very essence of luxury. It is perfect for those evenings when every detail of your attire needs to shine with sophistication and class. 

Quadrant Brooch

For the man who appreciates the symmetrical lines and balance in life, the Quadrant Brooch offers that and more. Our Quirky Crystal Stone Brooch is a testament to precision, blending seamlessly with both modern business attire and traditional ensembles. 

Rectangular Brooch

Sleek and modern, the Rectangular Brooch provides a sharp, defined look. Our Peach Crystal & Stone Detailing Brooch is designed for the contemporary man, one who is unafraid to stand out with a clear statement of style. 

Hexagonal Brooch

Distinct and attention-grabbing, the Hexagonal Brooch defies the regular. Pieces like our Baroque Style Crystal Stone Brooch embody uniqueness, adding an unexpected twist that's bound to become a conversation starter. 

Octagon Brooch

Blending the old-world charm with contemporary flair, the Octagon Brooch serves as a nod to the past while firmly being rooted in the present. It's the ideal brooch for those seeking a piece with historical resonance yet fits within the modern milieu. 

Round Brooch 

A Round Brooch like our Round Gold Crystal and stone Brooch is the epitome of versatility. Its timeless shape ensures that it can be paired with just about any outfit, making it a go-to accessory for any occasion. 

Elevating Groom's Attire With Brooch

Importance of Brooches for Weddings

A brooch on a groom's attire is not just decoration; it's a symbol of prestige, adding a regal touch to the celebration of love. 

How to Style Groom Outfit with Brooch

Selecting the right brooch for a groom’s outfit can be the difference between the ordinary and the memorable. It's the detail that commands attention and respects tradition. 

Trending Style & Design of Brooch Pin for Men in 2024

Stay ahead of the curve with Tasva's trending designs of brooch pins for men for 2024. Expect to see a rise in eclectic styles that blend heritage with a dash of modernity, ensuring that every man’s brooch choice is as unique as his personal style narrative. 

Why choose "Tasva" for Men's Brooch Online

Choose Tasva’s selection of brooch for men online and embrace an accessory experience that transcends the ordinary. Tasva stands as a beacon of style and quality, offering a meticulously curated collection that ranges from the understated elegance of classic designs to the bold statements of modern artistry. Each brooch is more than an accent; it reflects the wearer's discerning taste and a nod to the storied craftsmanship that Tasva prides itself on. Here, tradition meets the trend, and each purchase promises a product and a piece of heritage delivered right to your doorstep. 

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FAQs on the Shop Brooch for Men Online In India

Which side should men wear a brooch?

The brooch can be worn on either of the sides of the chest depending on the outfit worn by a man. A little too much either on the left or right can leave your brooch looking awkward.

What is the difference between a brooch & pin?

A Brooch is a decorative piece of jewellery worn for special occasions while a pin is more of an informal accessory

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What is the difference between a brooch and a lapel pin?

Brooches are made of decoratively shaped gems, or material while lapel pins are mostly die-cut metal.

Are brooches outdated?

Brooches are very much in trend nowadays and are one of the most versatile pieces of accessories that can be paired with sherwanis or blazers..