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Cocktail Outfit For Men

Cocktail Outfit For Men

Shop Cocktail Wear for Men Online in India

Grand Indian weddings don’t have normal rituals; they have a set of extravagant events laid out for you to make a statement with your tailor-made outfits. A cocktail party, for one, is the most-awaited celebratory gala that boasts a party vibe you just can't get enough of. With an invitation that says “Dress code: Cocktail,” you are bound to be inclined towards the usual blazer suit or tuxedo. However, there’s more to the cocktail wear for men at Tasva. So, let the traditionalists say whatever they wish and explore a collection of men’s wedding cocktail attires that makes you stand apart from the ordinary. 

Blue Brocade Kurta Bundi SetBlue Brocade Kurta Bundi Set
Blue Brocade Kurta Bundi Set Sale price₹ 2,999
Beige Bundi With Single Frogging ButtonBeige Bundi With Single Frogging Button
Bundi With Single Frogging ButtonBundi With Single Frogging Button
Black Semi Structured BandhgalaBlack Semi Structured Bandhgala
Contrast Kurta Bundi Set Sale price₹ 6,999
Black Brocade Kurta Bundi SetBlack Brocade Kurta Bundi Set
Black Brocade Kurta Bundi Set Sale price₹ 2,999
Mustard Brocade Kurta Bundi SetMustard Brocade Kurta Bundi Set
Pink Jacquard Embroidered BundiPink Jacquard Embroidered Bundi
All Over Embroidered Kurta Bundi SetAll Over Embroidered Kurta Bundi Set
Silver Stitch Embroidered Kurta Bundi SetSilver Stitch Embroidered Kurta Bundi Set
Angrakha Single Bundi In Textured CollarAngrakha Single Bundi In Textured Collar
Linen Kurta Bundi SetLinen Kurta Bundi Set
Linen Kurta Bundi Set Sale price₹ 9,999
Grey Brocade BundiGrey Brocade Bundi
Grey Brocade Bundi Sale price₹ 3,999
Velvet Bandhgala With Zardozi Collar And CuffVelvet Bandhgala With Zardozi Collar And Cuff
Ombre Bundi In Linen With Pearl EmbroideryOmbre Bundi In Linen With Pearl Embroidery
Sleeveless Jacket with Embroidered Pockets Paired with Kurta and DhotiSleeveless Jacket with Embroidered Pockets Paired with Kurta and Dhoti
Printed Kurta Bundi Set With TexturingPrinted Kurta Bundi Set With Texturing
Kurta Bundi Set in Allover Mirror WorkKurta Bundi Set in Allover Mirror Work
Classic Achkan With Tasva ButtonsClassic Achkan With Tasva Buttons
Black Zari Brocade Kurta Bundi SetBlack Zari Brocade Kurta Bundi Set
All Over Embroidered Kurta Bundi SetAll Over Embroidered Kurta Bundi Set
Zari Brocade Kurta Bundi SetZari Brocade Kurta Bundi Set
Zari Brocade Kurta Bundi Set Sale price₹ 6,999
Wine Jacquard Kurta Bundi SetWine Jacquard Kurta Bundi Set
Wine Jacquard Kurta Bundi Set Sale price₹ 7,999
Ivory Thread Embroidered Kurta Bundi SetIvory Thread Embroidered Kurta Bundi Set
Festive Bundi In VelvetFestive Bundi In Velvet
Festive Bundi In Velvet Sale price₹ 9,999
Maroon Resham Brocade Single BundiMaroon Resham Brocade Single Bundi
Silver Jacquard Embroidered Kurta Bundi SetSilver Jacquard Embroidered Kurta Bundi Set
Beige Embroidered Kurta Bundi SetBeige Embroidered Kurta Bundi Set
Terry Rayon Bandhgala With Saddle Stich DetailsTerry Rayon Bandhgala With Saddle Stich Details
All Over Printed Kurta Bundi SetAll Over Printed Kurta Bundi Set
Black Tanchoi Brocade SherwaniBlack Tanchoi Brocade Sherwani
Black Tanchoi Brocade Sherwani Sale price₹ 12,999
Red Silk Brocade SherwaniRed Silk Brocade Sherwani
Red Silk Brocade Sherwani Sale price₹ 39,999
Lt. Green Single Bundi In JacquardLt. Green Single Bundi In Jacquard
Blue Quilted Brocade Kurta Bundi SetBlue Quilted Brocade Kurta Bundi Set
Sky Blue Raw Silk Kurta Bundi SetSky Blue Raw Silk Kurta Bundi Set
Navy Quilted BundiNavy Quilted Bundi
Navy Quilted Bundi Sale price₹ 3,999
Black Printed Velvet BandhgalaBlack Printed Velvet Bandhgala
Black Printed Velvet Bandhgala Sale price₹ 7,999
Jade Sequined Georgette SherwaniJade Sequined Georgette Sherwani
All Over Thread patterned Embroidered Kurta Bundi SetAll Over Thread patterned Embroidered Kurta Bundi Set
Jaal Pattern Printed BundiJaal Pattern Printed Bundi
Jaal Pattern Printed Bundi Sale price₹ 4,999
Ivory Textured BundiIvory Textured Bundi
Ivory Textured Bundi Sale price₹ 3,999
Gold Quilted BundiGold Quilted Bundi
Gold Quilted Bundi Sale price₹ 5,999
Yellow Classic BundiYellow Classic Bundi
Yellow Classic Bundi Sale price₹ 3,999
Asymmetric jacket paired with kurta and salwarAsymmetric jacket paired with kurta and salwar
Asymmetric Jacket Paired with Kurta and AligarhiAsymmetric Jacket Paired with Kurta and Aligarhi
Velvet Kantha Stitch BandhgalaVelvet Kantha Stitch Bandhgala
Velvet Kantha Stitch Bandhgala Sale price₹ 9,999
Navy Jacquard BandhgalaNavy Jacquard Bandhgala
Navy Jacquard Bandhgala Sale price₹ 9,999
Light Green Brocade AchkanLight Green Brocade Achkan
Light Green Brocade Achkan Sale price₹ 13,999

Explore Tasva's Variety of Cocktail Dress Codes for Men

We, at Tasva believe that each of the groom’s outfits must exude a perfect blend of tradition and luxury. Regardless, when it comes to a cocktail party dress for men, people tend to pick the opposite with a modern tuxedo or a double-breasted blazer suit. Tasva brings this monotony to an end with classy kurta sets, sophisticated bandhgala suits, and many more. Let’s take a look at an unconventional view of cocktail attire for men. 

Kurta Set

A classic contemporary kurta set can also transition from a traditional outfit to cocktail party attire men would love to wear. The key to picking the right cocktail kurta set lies in choosing the right colours, embellishments, and silhouettes. Dark shades such as black, blue, and wine adorned with embroidery or mirrorwork can effortlessly make you stand out.

Kurta Bundi Set

An enticing kurta bundi set has to be hands-down the best cocktail wear for men that showcases a harmonious blend of tradition and modern artistry. Dark-coloured kurta sets paired with matching or contrasting vibrant-coloured bundis can make you look like a million dollars at the party. The intricate embroidery or embellishments, such as sequins and mirror work, can make all the difference. 

Bundi & Nehru Jacket

When on the quest for a cocktail outfit men would love to wear, Tasva is the place to be. Our Bundi & Nehru jackets are meticulously made to make you the showstopper at all wedding events, including the lavish cocktail night. We’ve got you covered with Bundis and Nehru jackets thoughtfully made in eye-catching colours and ornamentations that are sure to make you look as dashing as ever. 

Bandhgala Suit

A bandhgala suit is one of the most sophisticated and elegant cocktail wear for men. Impress everyone by being dressed in these supremely stylish, formal ensembles that are destined to elevate your fashion game seamlessly. The elegant design, intricate detailing, and exuberant colours make them a perfect choice for the event. 

Indo-Western Sherwani

An Indo-Western Sherwani would be your best bet to take centre stage on this special occasion. This style of cocktail wear for men perfectly reflects the classic-contemporary aesthetic and makes elegant additions to your party wardrobe. 

Accessorising Cocktail Look For The Groom 

You might wear the most elegant and luxurious-looking men’s wedding cocktail attire, but not complementing the look with equally appealing accessories can make you look just as ordinary. Here’s what you can do to add the required oomph to your men’s wedding cocktail attire in seconds: 

Men's Jewellery

Pairing your cocktail wear for men with jewellery pieces, statement or minimal, can make or break your look. Tasva makes shopping for striking jewellery pieces such as brooches and malas for cocktail nights a breeze. 

Mojaris for men

Mojaris blend a sense of comfort with an incredible design that makes you stand out every time. Turn heads with Tasva’s stylish mojaris that are meticulously infused with elegance and unparalleled charm that perfectly complement your men’s wedding cocktail attire. 

Leather Shoes

Leather shoes are ideal picks to elevate just about any cocktail attire for men flawlessly. Tasva’s distinguished collection of high-quality leather shoes is destined to make you walk in comfort and style. 

Groom's Cocktail Wear Tips 

Grooms are always in the spotlight during all their wedding festivities. A cocktail party, especially, makes it crucial for them to experiment with something new, something opulent. Here are a few tips that will help you make the right choice for a cocktail attire for men: 

Tips on Selecting the Perfect Attire for the Cocktail Night

When it comes to selecting the perfect men’s wedding cocktail attire, it is important to consider certain factors, such as the theme of your cocktail night, your bride’s ensemble, your perfect silhouette, and your tailored size. 

Experiment with Colours, Fabrics, and Accessories

Wedding rituals often call for traditional ensembles. A cocktail night perhaps offers you an opportunity to add a modern element to your outfit. You can experiment with colours by opting for darker shades such as black, blue, and maroon. Rich fabrics like velvet and silk are the best options for a standout look. When it comes to accessories, you must add cufflinks, brooches, statement rings, and a classic watch to your wedding treasure trove. 

Latest Styles & Trends in Cocktail Wear for Men in 2024

When selecting cocktail attire for men, being up-to-date with the trends of 2024 will help you make the best choice. From breaking the basics with sophisticated silhouettes and donning a mix-and-match outfit to slaying the richness of velvets and silks, everything is in trend. The trends of pastels have said goodbye, and the love for darker hues has made an entrance, thus providing you with an opportunity to go bold every time. 

Why Choose "Tasva" for Cocktail Party Dress for Men

Tasva is your one-stop shop for intricately crafted ensembles that exude richness and elegance at every inch. Every cocktail party dress for men here is thoughtfully made with high-quality materials, one-of-a-kind designs, and intricate embellishments to make you stand out from the crowd. 

FAQ’s on Men’s Cocktail Outfits

1. Are accessories important in a cocktail outfit for men? 

Yes, accessories like a watch, a leather belt, and a pocket square are essential, as they can easily enhance a cocktail outfit significantly. 

2. Can I wear a blazer or a suit for cocktail attire? 

Yes. You can wear a blazer for the cocktail. However, a bandhgala suit can also work for cocktail attire, especially in less formal settings. 

3. Is it necessary to wear a tie for a wedding with cocktail attire? 

Yes, a tie or a bow tie is generally expected for weddings to maintain a formal and respectful appearance. However, if you’re opting for bandhgala suits or perhaps a sherwani, you can count on other accessories like a stole or cufflinks.