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As you stand on the threshold of a lifelong promise, let Tasva adorn you in more than just fabric – let us clothe you in a story. Our boutique of the best engagement outfits for men is a curated symphony of the past and the present, a seamless blend of revered traditions and modern sensibilities. With Tasva, you don’t just wear an outfit; you don an aura of elegance and sophistication befitting the first steps into your new chapter. 

Explore Tasva's Engagement Party Outfit for Men

Discover the elegance that Tasva brings to your special day with our exclusive engagement party outfits for men. Each piece is a testament to refined taste, designed to celebrate your momentous leap into matrimony with style and grace. 

Kurta Set

Craft a tale of timeless style with Tasva's Kurta Sets for men. The Maroon Textured Kurta Set is the epitome of sartorial elegance, perfect as an engagement dress for men, offering a sophisticated yet traditional look. 

Bundi Jacket

The Men Bundi Jacket remains a classic, and Tasva's Beige Bundi With Single Frogging Button adds a layer of chic to your men's engagement party outfit. This makes it an instant classic for a modern groom like you. 

Bandhgala Suit

Nothing says regal like a Bandhgala suit. Our Black Semi Structured Bandhgala is a contemporary take on the traditional engagement party men's attire, designed to make you stand out. 


The traditional Achkan for men has been reimagined by Tasva with a hint of modern colors and patterns. Consider the Classic Achkan with Tasva Buttons as your dress for engagement, which combines the grandeur of traditional wear with a dash of contemporary appeal. 

Indo Western Sherwani

For those who are eager to blend, our Indo-Western Sherwanis are the perfect choice. The Black Indo-Western With Jacquard Panel promises stylish engagement wear for men that is both luxurious and statement-making. 

Accessorizing Engagement Outfits for Men

Transform your engagement ensemble into an emblem of your persona with Tasva's distinguished accessories. From the subtle sophistication of pocket squares to the ceremonial sheen of mojaris, we have everything to perfect your look. 

Men's Jewellery

Adorn your outfit with Tasva's Men's Jewellery, like the Six Layered Ivory Beaded Mala to add a royal touch to your engagement dress for the groom. 

Mojari for Men

The right pair of mojari can elevate any engagement dress for men. The Gold Brocade With Square Motif Detail Mojari combines comfort with opulence. 

Leather Shoes

For a more formal look, pair your engagement clothes for men with Tasva's Classic Black Leather Shoes ensuring every step you take is steeped in style. 

Pocket Square

Incorporate a pop of colour or a dash of sophistication into your engagement party outfits mens with pocket squares like the Teal Digitally Printed Logo Pocket Square. 

Brooch for Men

A brooch can be the centerpiece of your engagement party men's attire. Opt for the Gold Crystal Studded Brooch for that final touch of elegance. 

Style Guide for Men's Engagement Party Outfit

Navigate the nuances of engagement fashion with Tasva's definitive style guide. We blend expert tailoring with stylistic insights to ensure your engagement party outfit resonates with bespoke elegance and contemporary flair. 

Tips on Selecting and Styling Engagement Attire

Choose an engagement outfit that reflects your personal style while honoring the occasion. A Light Pink Jacquard Kurta Set can offer a balance between subtlety and celebration, ideal for engagement wear for men.

Highlight Key Features Like Fabric, Fit, Color, and Accessories

Your engagement outfit should be a testament to your taste. Select a fabric that speaks luxury, ensure the fit is impeccable, choose a color that complements your personality, and accessorize wisely with pieces that resonate with the theme of your engagement. 

Latest Styles & Trends in Engagement Outfit for Men in 2024

The year 2024 heralds a bold new chapter in engagement fashion, and Tasva is leading the charge with innovative designs that speak to the heart of the modern man. Our collection is a canvas where bold patterns, daring cuts, and a vibrant color palette come together to craft outfits that are not just worn but experienced. 

Why to Choose "Tasva" for Engagement Dress for Groom

Choosing Tasva for your engagement attire means embracing a legacy of exquisite craftsmanship blended with the pulse of contemporary fashion. It's about wearing a story that captures the essence of your individuality and the celebration of your love, a narrative woven into every thread and stitch of our engagement collection. 

FAQ’s on Men’s Engagement Outfit

1. Can I wear a traditional outfit for my engagement?

Traditional attire is perfectly appropriate for an engagement, reflecting personal heritage and style.

2. Are accessories important in engagement dress for men?

    Yes, accessories like a tie, pocket square, watch, and brooch can enhance the outfit and add a personal touch

    3. What type of footwear is suitable for engagement clothes for men?

      Footwear like mojari or jodhpuri mojari, leather shoes are typically suitable. The shoes should be clean & well-polished to complement the outfit.

      FAQs on the Engagement Dress For Men – Tasva