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Explore Single Kurtas For Men: Your Online Style Destination in India 

A single kurta for men is a garment steeped in cultural significance and sartorial elegance. It represents a blend of simplicity and sophistication, offering a canvas that celebrates both the rich heritage and the individual style of the wearer. In its clean lines and unadorned elegance, a single-piece kurta carries the values of Indian tradition and timeless grace. The single kurta stands as a hallmark of versatility in a man's wardrobe, seamlessly fitting into a myriad of social events with ease and elegance. Tasva elevates this essential with a collection that blends traditional craftsmanship with contemporary style, ensuring every man finds his unique expression. 

The Kaleidoscope of Kurta Design for Men: Style it Your Way 

Traditional attire in the men’s wardrobe is an indispensable part when it comes to India’s ritualistic celebrations. Thus, a kurta stands out as a versatile and stylish option. Tasva offers an array of single kurta designs catering to the modern man's diverse tastes: 

Short Single Kurta for Men  

The "Short Single Kurta in Shirt Style" is a refreshing take on the traditional kurta, ideal for casual outings. Its shorter length and shirt-style design make it a trendy pick for informal events or a smart casual day at work. 

Printed Single Kurta for Men 

If you are bored of dressing in a plain kurta for men, look to infuse patterns like the "All Over Printed Kurta with Top Stitch Details" into your ensemble which makes for an appealing choice. This kurta stands out with its bold prints and attention to detail, ensuring you make a statement wherever you go. 

Open Collar Single Kurta for Men  

The "Open Collar Single Kurta" offers a fusion of comfort and class. Its open-collar design lends a relaxed feel, making it perfect for a variety of occasions that demand a touch of laid-back sophistication. 

Round Neck Single Kurta for Men  

For a garment that transitions seamlessly from a day event to an evening soiree, the "Navy Round Neck Single Kurta" from Tasva is unrivalled. Its classic round neck and versatile appeal make it a staple piece for any fashion-conscious man's collection. 

Occasion Perfect: Styling Your Single Kurta for Every Event  

Styling a single kurta as an occasion wear is an art that combines traditional elegance with personal flair. Here's how to make the most of Tasva's single kurtas for various events: 

Single Kurta for Festival 

Embrace festivity with a vibrant "Printed Kurta With Top Stitch Details," paired with a crisp white churidar and classic mojari. Accessorise with a Tasva "Gold Crystal Studded Brooch" to add a celebratory sparkle. 

Single Kurta for Haldi Ceremony  

The bright ambience of a Haldi ceremony calls for the cheerful "Short Single Kurta," complemented by a contrasting stole and leather sandals. The simplicity of the kurta allows the ceremonial colours to take centre stage. 

Single Kurta for Sangeet Night 

For a sangeet night, the "Open Collar Single Kurta" strikes the right chord. Style it with an embellished jutti and a "Silver Crystal Brooch" from Tasva, ensuring you are dance-floor ready. 

Single Kurta for Reception  

A reception demand a touch of sophistication; the "Navy Round Neck Single Kurta" serves this need when matched with tapered trousers and a "White Modal Satin Backing Shawl." Finish the look with polished dress shoes for a refined ensemble. 

The Art of Accessorising With Your Single Kurta Look  

Accessorising a single kurta transforms it from a simple piece of clothing to a statement ensemble. Tasva recognizes this and offers a range of accessories to enhance the elegance of a single kurta: 

Brooch for Men's Single Kurta 

Add a dash of aristocracy with a sophisticated brooch like Tasva's "Gold Crystal Studded Brooch" or the "Crystal Encrusted Brooch," perfect for pinning onto the lapel or chest to uplift the attire instantly. 

Shawl for Men's Single Kurta 

Drape a "Ready Embroidered Shawl" or a "Shawl with Resham and Aari Embroidery" over your shoulders to add a layer of regal charm, especially during cooler evenings or winter weddings. 

Mojari for Men's Single Kurta 

Step into tradition with a modern twist by choosing from Tasva’s mojari selection, such as the "Royal Blue and Gold Brocade Mojari" or the "Ivory Brocade with Leather Detail Mojari," infusing comfort with ceremonial elegance. 

Kurta Couture: Upcoming Trends in Single Kurtas for 2024 

Looking into the future, Tasva sets the trend for 2024 with its visionary designs that redefine traditional attire. Single kurtas, particularly the "Navy Round Neck Single Kurta," are anticipated to dominate with their timeless silhouettes and avant-garde textural details. Tasva's collection promises to merge the heritage aesthetic with contemporary design elements, ensuring that the single color kurta remains at the forefront of men's fashion exuding sophistication and modernity. 

Why Tasva? Your Ultimate Choice for Men's Single Kurta  

With Tasva, you choose more than just a kurta; you select a legacy of elegance, a canvas for personal expression, and a garment crafted with the modern Indian man in mind. Whether it's the Printed or textured single kurta rich in details for a festival or a sleek Short Kurta for casual meet-ups, Tasva is the destination for every kurta need. 

FAQs on the Kurtas for Men

Are kurtas formal wear?

Kurtas are staple outfits for Indian men that can be worn for formal events with churidars and salwars or casually with jeans as well. Kurtas either long or short can be worn to casual events or festive and celebratory occasions as well.

How should kurta fit?

A perfect fitting kurta should be 2 inches below the knee, its sleeves should not be too short or long.

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Can I wear a kurta with jeans?

Short kurtas can teamed up with jeans, they usually replicate semi casual shirt look that does not require to be tucked in, and can be worn at any occasion

Can I wear a kurta with chinos?

A classic daily wear kurta for men can be turned into formal attire by pairing it with chinos. However, evaluate your colour choices and team up kurtas with the right shade of chinos to amp up your style.