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Leather Shoes For Men

Leather Shoes For Men

Buy Leather Shoes Online in India at Tasva

When it comes to men’s fashion, leather shoes serve as an indispensable fashion accessory that is renowned for its unparalleled comfort, durability, and low maintenance. One of the most remarkable qualities of leather shoes is their versatility, as they effortlessly complement a broad spectrum of aesthetics ranging from formal to traditional and everything in between. Adding to their timelessness is the fact that these shoes can be perfectly worn throughout the year for any occasion on your calendar. In essence, leather shoes not only exude luxurious charm but also elevate the appeal of the outfit you pair with them. With an extensive range of shades, styles, and fits readily available at Tasva, you can effortlessly add this footwear to your collection of timeless accessories now and make your style statement worth inspiration.

Leather Sandal With Woven StrapLeather Sandal With Woven Strap
High Rise Leather BootsHigh Rise Leather Boots
High Rise Leather Boots Sale price₹ 5,999
Classic Lace Up BrogueClassic Lace Up Brogue
Classic Lace Up Brogue Sale price₹ 4,499
Burnish Leather Sandal With BuckleBurnish Leather Sandal With Buckle
Patent Leather ShoesPatent Leather Shoes
Patent Leather Shoes Sale price₹ 6,499
Classic Leather ShoeClassic Leather Shoe
Classic Leather Shoe Sale price₹ 5,999
Brown Woven Patterned Leather ShoesBrown Woven Patterned Leather Shoes
Classic Chocolate Leather ShoesClassic Chocolate Leather Shoes
Classic Black Leather ShoesClassic Black Leather Shoes
Classic Black Leather Shoes Sale price₹ 3,999
Classic Leather ShoesClassic Leather Shoes
Classic Leather Shoes Sale price₹ 3,999
Leather LoafersLeather Loafers
Leather Loafers Sale price₹ 4,499
Leather Slingback LoafersLeather Slingback Loafers
Leather Slingback Loafers Sale price₹ 4,999
Golden Patch Velvet Leather Shoes
Shiny Black Leather Loafers
Shiny Black Leather Loafers Sale price₹ 2,499
Woven Leather Shoes
Woven Leather Shoes Sale price₹ 5,999

Choose the Best Men's Leather Shoes for Every Occasion

Choosing the perfect pair of leather shoes for different occasions demands certain considerations, such as selecting the right style, design, and colour. Read more and put an end to the dilemma surrounding leather shoes and how to style them based on the occasion.

Formal Events 

Formal events offer you an opportunity to flaunt your unmatched charm with an added dash of sophistication. Regardless of whether you are wearing a sleek Bandhgala suit or perhaps a fashionable three-piece blazer suit to the event, you can always elevate your outfit’s elegance with slip-ons. You can choose these leather shoes in either black or rich brown tones, as they perfectly complement a wide range of outfits while adhering to the formality of the event. When you can’t make a decision, our Classic Black Leather Shoes are sure to come to your rescue.

Business Meeting

Navigating through business meetings and conferences becomes a breeze with comfortable and stylish leather shoes backing your confidence and professional appeal. On such important events, men’s brown loafers always have your back. They are not only appealing to look at but also ensure comfort and style throughout the day, making them the perfect addition to your collection.


Weddings are occasions when mojaris are quite often relied upon to radiate a traditional charm. This is when leather shoes step in and make you stand out from the crowd flawlessly. You can embrace the spotlight by pairing your regal sherwani with our Golden Patch Velvet Leather Shoes for the wedding or make a statement by pairing our slingback Leather Loafers for the pre-wedding rituals; the choice is yours. As a guest, there is no going wrong with our Brown Woven Patterned Leather Shoes complementing your ethnic outfit and will surely add to its style.

Cocktail Parties

Cocktail parties demand shoes that not only make you the showstopper at the event but also keep you comfortable enough for a spontaneous dance-off with your best friends. This is when contemporary-style, one-of-a-kind footwear options such as our Shiny Black Leather Loafers come in handy. You can easily pair them with your indo-western outfits or even tuxedos for a jaw-dropping look.

How to Style Formal Leather Shoes for Men

Although finding the perfect pair of formal leather shoes for men can be a bit of a hassle, styling one doesn’t have to be. Read more to discover the hacks to style leather shoes effortlessly.

Understand the Occasion

The leather shoes you wear to a business meeting cannot be the same ones you wear to a wedding. You must understand the formality of the event, consider the aesthetic appeal of your attire, and select a suitable style, colour, and design of the leather shoes accordingly. You can wear our Golden Patch Velvet Leather Shoes for weddings and our Classic Black Leather Shoes for formal occasions, respectively. If you are looking for style inspiration, you can refer to the ideas we discussed before and choose the perfect pair for every occasion effortlessly.

Suit Pairing

You can seamlessly achieve sartorial perfection by pairing your formal leather shoes for men with a well-fitted suit in complementary colours. Classic black shoes, for example, look great with navy and charcoal blazers, while ones with brown tones enhance the lighter hues of a beige or grey Bandhgala suit.

Maintenance and Care

Proper maintenance enhances the aesthetic appeal of your formal leather shoes, ensuring that they always appear polished and refined. Well-maintained shoes elevate your overall look, leaving a lasting impression in any setting that ranges from casual to formal.

Trending Style of Men Formal Shoes in 2024

2024 is all about setting trends and embracing the art of a perfect pairing. This year, leather shoes in styles like loafers, slip-ons, and slingbacks are here to take the fashion industry by storm. Regardless of whether you are planning to attend a formal conference or looking forward to your best friend’s wedding, these shoes are sure to make you the talk of the town. If you desire to build a collection of these leather shoes, look no further than Tasva.

Why Choose Tasva for Men Leather Shoes

We at Tasva create designer leather shoes to suit every occasion on your calendar with meticulous attention to detail. Each masterpiece uses premium-quality leather and is designed to perfection by adhering to modern men's fashion requirements. Our extensive range promises you the versatility, durability, and style of leather shoes without compromising on comfort, at attractive prices. So, wait no longer and upgrade your fashion game by shopping for leather shoes online from Tasva.


How do I choose the right pair of leather shoes for formal events?

For formal events, opt for slip-on leather shoes in black or rich brown tones to complement your outfit.

What type of leather shoes should I wear to a business meeting?

Men’s brown loafers are ideal for business meetings and conferences, offering a balance of comfort, style, and professional appeal.

What leather shoes are recommended for cocktail parties? 

For cocktail parties, Shiny Black Leather Loafers are a stylish and comfortable choice that can pair well with indo-western outfits or tuxedos.

How should I maintain and care for my leather shoes to keep them looking polished and refined? 

Proper maintenance is key to keeping your leather shoes looking their best. Regular cleaning, conditioning, and polishing enhance the aesthetic appeal and longevity of your shoes, ensuring they remain in good condition.

Can leather shoes be worn to weddings and traditional events?

Yes, leather shoes can add a traditional charm to your wedding attire. Pairing your regal sherwani with leather loafers can make you stand out.