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It's always been the bride and her infectious smile that steals hearts and the limelight too. It's time to change that narrative and share the limelight. Wonder how? Get ready to be the style icon of your own Mehendi with Tasva, where tradition spins into modernity, offering an eclectic collection of mehendi dresses for men. Embrace the festivity with a wardrobe that's as ethereal as the bride’s Mehendi itself, and let every outfit from Tasva narrate a chapter of joy and elegance. Whether you sway towards the classic or the contemporary, find the men's mehendi outfit that's a canvas of celebration, tailored just for you. 

Explore Tasva's Mehendi Outfit Collection for Groom

Step into a world where each stitch tells a story of celebration—explore Tasva's curated Mehendi outfit collection for the groom. With a blend of rich fabrics, intricate designs, and a spectrum of colors, each piece is designed to make the groom shine on his day of joyous traditions. 

Kurta Set for Men

For a look that's rooted in tradition yet breathes comfort, opt for Tasva's Kurta sets like the Yellow Jacquard Kurta Set with Top Stitch Detailing On Placket And Collar. It's an embodiment of the lively spirit suitable for men's mehendi wear.


Elevate your mehendi wear for men with Tasva's sherwani for men. A piece like the Red Silk Brocade Sherwani radiates opulence and is an impeccable choice for a mehendi dress for the groom looking to make a regal statement. 

Men's Indo-Western Outfits

Blend modernity with tradition in an Indo-Western outfit like the Black Sleeveless Indo-Western with Sleek Plain Border. It's a trendsetter for the latest mehendi dress for the groom, offering a chic edge to the festive look. 


An Achkan strikes the perfect balance between sophistication and ease. Tasva’s Paneled Achkan in muted tones exemplifies the elegant mehendi clothes for men, adding a layer of finesse to the occasion. 

Bandhgala Suit

For a contemporary twist, a Bandhgala suit is the go-to. The Navy Jacquard Bandhgala from Tasva is a sleek alternative to a traditional mehendi dress for the groom, ideal for those who favor a modern minimalist approach. 

Accessorizing Mehendi Look For The Groom

Elevate the charm of your mehendi attire with Tasva's exquisite range of accessories for the groom. From the subtle sheen of mojaris to the luxurious drape of stoles and shawls, each piece is crafted to accentuate your traditional ensemble with a touch of sophistication. 

Men's Wedding Accessories

Accentuate your mehendi outfits for the groom with accessories like the Light Olive-Ivory Reversible Pocket Square, infusing personality into your attire. To add an element, pin up a brooch or a layered mala to complete the look. 

Mojari Shoes for Men

Step into style with Tasva's mojari shoes for men. The Gold Brocade With Square Motif Detail Mojari is a splendid match for your mehendi attire, echoing the richness of the occasion. 

Stoles & Shawls For Men

Drape a shawl like the Grey Shawl With Rust Border over your shoulders to complement your mehendi dress, adding a layer of elegance and warmth to the evening festivities. 

How to Choose the Perfect Mehendi Wear

Navigating the myriad of mehendi wear options can be a breeze with Tasva's guide to perfection. Emphasizing the harmony of color, the elegance of fabric, and the precision of fit, we ensure that each groom is adorned in a mehendi wear that's as impeccable as the celebration itself. 

Tips on selecting the right color, fabric, and fit

Choose a color that reflects the vibrancy of mehendi—think rich yellows or deep greens. Fabrics should offer comfort and breathability, while the fit must allow for effortless movement during the ceremony. 

Advice on coordinating with the bride’s outfit and overall wedding theme

Your mehendi wear should harmonize with the bride's attire—coordinate in terms of color, pattern, or embroidery. Align your look with the wedding's theme to create a cohesive visual narrative. 

Latest Styles & Trends in Mehendi Outfit for Men in 2024

In 2024, Tasva leads the trend with mehendi outfits that marry bold prints with traditional weaves. Consider infusing styling with paisley patterns, embroidered details, and unique color palettes that add a contemporary twist to the classic mehendi attire. 

Why to choose "Tasva" for Mehendi Dress for Groom

Tasva is your one-stop destination for mehendi attire that is as unique as your story. With a focus on fine craftsmanship, luxurious fabrics, and bespoke designs, Tasva ensures that every groom stands out while staying true to the heart of the mehendi tradition. 

FAQ’s on Groom’s Mehendi Outfits

  1. What types of Mehendi outfits does Tasva offer for grooms?

Tasva offers a diverse range of Mehendi outfits for grooms, including traditional Kurta Sets, elegant Sherwanis, contemporary Indo-Western outfits, classic Achkans, and stylish Bandhgala Suits. Each piece is designed to combine traditional aesthetics with modern trends. 

  1. How do I choose the right size and fit for a Mehendi outfit?

To ensure the best fit, measure yourself according to Tasva's sizing guide. Consider factors like chest, waist, and shoulder measurements. For a more personalized fit, Tasva might offer customization services or alterations. 

  1. Can I find accessories to complement my Mehendi outfit at Tasva?

Yes, Tasva provides a range of accessories to complete your Mehendi look. This includes Mojari shoes for a traditional touch, as well as stoles and shawls that add elegance and style to the outfit.

FAQs on the Mehendi Wear For Men