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Nehru Coat

Buy Nehru Coat Online in India at Tasva

The Nehru jacket, also fondly known as the Bundi, holds a revered place in the treasury of Indian cultural attire. There was a time when this iconic garment stood as the pinnacle of formal wear in India's sartorial choices. It symbolized sophistication and was a staple in the wardrobe of the discerning gentleman. Rooted in history yet ever-evolving, the Nehru jacket has transcended its traditional boundaries to become a versatile piece that elegantly complements both ceremonial garb and contemporary outfits. Its enduring legacy continues to be celebrated in modern fashion while remaining a hallmark of India's rich dress heritage.

Beige Bundi With Single Frogging ButtonBeige Bundi With Single Frogging Button
Bundi With Single Frogging ButtonBundi With Single Frogging Button
Pink Jacquard Embroidered BundiPink Jacquard Embroidered Bundi
Angrakha Single Bundi In Textured CollarAngrakha Single Bundi In Textured Collar
Grey Brocade BundiGrey Brocade Bundi
Grey Brocade Bundi Sale price₹ 3,999
Ombre Bundi In Linen With Pearl EmbroideryOmbre Bundi In Linen With Pearl Embroidery
Festive Bundi In VelvetFestive Bundi In Velvet
Festive Bundi In Velvet Sale price₹ 9,999
Maroon Resham Brocade Single BundiMaroon Resham Brocade Single Bundi
Lt. Green Single Bundi In JacquardLt. Green Single Bundi In Jacquard
Navy Quilted BundiNavy Quilted Bundi
Navy Quilted Bundi Sale price₹ 3,999
Jaal Pattern Printed BundiJaal Pattern Printed Bundi
Jaal Pattern Printed Bundi Sale price₹ 4,999
Ivory Textured BundiIvory Textured Bundi
Ivory Textured Bundi Sale price₹ 3,999
Gold Quilted BundiGold Quilted Bundi
Gold Quilted Bundi Sale price₹ 5,999
Yellow Classic BundiYellow Classic Bundi
Yellow Classic Bundi Sale price₹ 3,999
Printed BundiPrinted Bundi
Printed Bundi Sale price₹ 2,999
Single Bundi In JacquardSingle Bundi In Jacquard
Single Bundi In Jacquard Sale price₹ 4,999
Resham Brocade Single BundiResham Brocade Single Bundi
Resham Brocade Single Bundi Sale price₹ 3,999
Classic All Over Printed Single BundiClassic All Over Printed Single Bundi
Teal Jacquard BundiTeal Jacquard Bundi
Teal Jacquard Bundi Sale price₹ 3,999
Classic Linen BundiClassic Linen Bundi
Classic Linen Bundi Sale price₹ 4,499
Navy Embroidered BundiNavy Embroidered Bundi
Navy Embroidered Bundi Sale price₹ 4,999
Yellow Top Stitch BundiYellow Top Stitch Bundi
Yellow Top Stitch Bundi Sale price₹ 3,999
Floral Embroidered Velvet Single BundiFloral Embroidered Velvet Single Bundi
Jacquard Bundi With Metallic ButtonsJacquard Bundi With Metallic Buttons
Peach Single Bundi With Inseam Pocket DetailPeach Single Bundi With Inseam Pocket Detail
Bundi With Top Stitch DetailBundi With Top Stitch Detail
Bundi With Top Stitch Detail Sale price₹ 3,999
Black Velvet Bundi with flocking details on collarBlack Velvet Bundi with flocking details on collar
Black Pique BundiBlack Pique Bundi
Black Pique Bundi Sale price₹ 5,999
Blue Velvet BundiBlue Velvet Bundi
Blue Velvet Bundi Sale price₹ 5,999
Printed BundiPrinted Bundi
Printed Bundi Sale price₹ 2,999
Stylised Embroidered BundiStylised Embroidered Bundi
Stylised Embroidered Bundi Sale price₹ 6,999
Peach Jacquard BundiPeach Jacquard Bundi
Peach Jacquard Bundi Sale price₹ 2,999
Navy Linen BundiNavy Linen Bundi
Navy Linen Bundi Sale price₹ 4,499
Yellow Brocade BundiYellow Brocade Bundi
Yellow Brocade Bundi Sale price₹ 4,999
Beige Quilted BundiBeige Quilted Bundi
Beige Quilted Bundi Sale price₹ 10,999
Gold Brocade BundiGold Brocade Bundi
Gold Brocade Bundi Sale price₹ 4,999
Classic Jacquard BundiClassic Jacquard Bundi
Classic Jacquard Bundi Sale price₹ 3,999
Layered Bundi With Top-Stitch DetailingLayered Bundi With Top-Stitch Detailing
Cream Single Bundi With Inseam Pocket DetailCream Single Bundi With Inseam Pocket Detail
Blue Printed BundiBlue Printed Bundi
Blue Printed Bundi Sale price₹ 4,999
Black Linen BundiBlack Linen Bundi
Black Linen Bundi Sale price₹ 4,999
Classic Single Bundi In Zari WeaveClassic Single Bundi In Zari Weave
Classic Single Bundi With Flap PocketsClassic Single Bundi With Flap Pockets
All Over Textured BundiAll Over Textured Bundi
All Over Textured Bundi Sale price₹ 6,999
Black Crest Embroidered BundiBlack Crest Embroidered Bundi
Black Crest Embroidered Bundi Sale price₹ 4,999
Purple Top Stitch BundiPurple Top Stitch Bundi
Purple Top Stitch Bundi Sale price₹ 3,999
Ivory Embroidered BundiIvory Embroidered Bundi
Ivory Embroidered Bundi Sale price₹ 9,999
Maroon Bundi With Single Frogging ButtonMaroon Bundi With Single Frogging Button

Elevate your wardrobe with Tasva’s collection of Nehru coats that can transform your look to stratospheric heights. In men's fashion, the Nehru coat is a distinguished garment that has become synonymous with weddings and formal events, exuding elegance and cultural pride.

Different Types of Men Nehru Jackets

The Nehru jacket is a canvas for creativity and a celebration of personal style, which signifies the importance of layering. Tasva's collection of Nehru jackets offers a rich selection of designs, from the vibrancy of printed patterns to the elegance of intricate embroidery and the luxurious depth of velvet. Each piece is more than just an article of clothing—it's a narrative of your individuality, a dialogue between tradition and trend, and a testament to the artistry of Indian fashion. Explore the types that resonate with your story and let your jacket express your distinctive taste.

Printed Nehru Jacket

The 'Blue Printed Bundi' from Tasva is a testament to how printed Nehru jackets can inject personality and flair into any outfit. This nehru jacket with kurta is ideal for those looking to make a statement. For being versatile, these jackets pair well with both traditional kurtas and contemporary shirts.

Embroidered Nehru Jacket

For an opulent touch, consider the 'Navy Embroidered Bundi' or 'Resham Brocade Single Bundi'. These Tasva masterpieces are intricately designed to add depth and texture, perfect for those moments that call for a dash of ceremonial grandeur.

Velvet Nehru Jacket

The smooth feel of the 'Black Velvet Bundi with Flocking Details' epitomises luxury. Velvet Nehru jackets are a splendid choice for night events, where the subtle sheen of the fabric catches the light with an understated yet undeniable allure making it perfect for events that require you to put your best foot forward...

Fabric Options & Colour Choices:

Tasva offers a diverse palette of fabric and colour options for the discerning man. From the breathable 'Classic Linen Bundi' to the rich 'Beige Quilted Bundi', each Nehru coat is designed to provide both comfort and style. Delve into patterned Nehru jackets featuring stripes, checks, and floral prints like the 'Floral Embroidered Velvet Bundi', and embrace a world of styling possibilities.

Styling Nehru Jacket for Different Occasions

Styling a Nehru jacket for different occasions is an art form that Tasva has mastered, offering a palette of possibilities to the modern man. Whether it’s the merriment of a festival, the solemnity of a wedding, the elegance of a reception, or the excitement of an engagement, each Nehru jacket in our collection is designed to fit the event and enhance it.

  • Festival:

Slay the festivities in a monochrome look by styling this "Yellow Top Stitch Bundi" with a matching yellow kurta. You can also, wear it as a contrast with matching light kurta and pajama sets.

  • Wedding:

Make a majestic statement at any matrimonial celebration with the 'Gold Brocade Bundi.' As the centrepiece of your attire, this Nehru jacket for wedding is designed to capture the limelight, ensuring that its golden threads and exquisite brocade work elevate your traditional wear to royal heights.

  • Reception:

Embrace the timeless versatility of linen with the 'Navy Linen Bundi,' a testament to understated elegance. The breathable fabric marries comfort with a clean, structured look, making it the ideal choice for a reception.

  • Engagement:

For an engagement ceremony, where every detail is a stitch for a new beginning, select the 'Jacquard Bundi with Metallic Buttons.' This piece is a modern sartorial marvel, its metallic buttons adding a dash of contemporary elegance. Its intricate jacquard fabric weaves a narrative of sophistication, allowing you to curate a seamless colour palette with corresponding attire.

Trending Designs & Styles of Indian Nehru Jacket

Tasva leads the way in redefining the Indian Nehru jacket, melding the latest fashion trends with time-honoured craftsmanship. Our collections, featuring standout pieces like the 'Beige Quilted Bundi' and the 'Navy Linen Bundi', showcase the exquisite balance between avant-garde innovation and the rich heritage of Indian tailoring. We take pride in each stitch, every fold, and each jacket's unique story. The 'Gold Brocade Bundi' and 'Blue Velvet Bundi' exemplify how traditional motifs and contemporary designs can create a sartorial symphony. At Tasva, every Nehru coat is a garment of modern heirloom, a statement of luxury, and a tribute to the preachers of style. Witness the evolution of the Nehru jacket into a global icon of fashion, with each piece promising to keep you at the pinnacle of elegance.

Why Choose Tasva for Nehru Coat for Men

Tasva is not just about clothing; it's about an experience that celebrates the richness of Indian fashion. When you choose a Nehru coat from Tasva, you are selecting a garment that has been meticulously designed with the modern Indian man in mind. Whether it's the elegant 'Navy Embroidered Bundi' for a suave look or the 'Resham Brocade Single Bundi' for a touch of tradition, each designer Nehru jacket stands out boasting about the skilled craftsmanship and heritage of Indian fashion. With Tasva, embrace a legacy of style, quality, and the essence of Indian craftsmanship.


What types of Nehru jackets does Tasva offer?

Tasva offers a diverse range of Nehru jackets, including printed patterns, intricate embroidery, and luxurious velvet options. Each piece is designed to reflect individual style, blending tradition with contemporary fashion.

Can Nehru jackets from Tasva be worn with both traditional and contemporary outfits?

Yes, the Nehru jacket's versatility allows it to elegantly complement both ceremonial attire and contemporary outfits. Tasva’s collection showcases jackets that can be paired with traditional kurtas or modern shirts, making them perfect for any event.

Why should I choose a Nehru coat from Tasva?

Tasva’s Nehru coats are meticulously designed for the modern Indian man, boasting elegance, quality, and a celebration of Indian craftsmanship.

How can I accessorize Nehru Jacket?

Accessorizing with a Nehru jacket is a way to elevate your outfit and add a personal touch to your look. Nehru Jacket can be accessorized with patterned pocket square, brooch or lapel pins and pairing Nehru jacket with traditional Indian footwear like juttis or mojaris can complete the overall look.

What fabric and color options are available for Tasva's Nehru coats?

Tasva provides Nehru coats in a wide range of fabric and color choices. Customers can explore patterned jackets featuring stripes, checks, and floral prints, ensuring there’s a style to match every preference and occasion.