A reception dress for the groom is more than just an attire; it embodies the values of heritage, commitment, and the beginning of a new chapter. Each stitch and fold hold the promise of the future while respecting the traditions of the past, symbolizing the groom's dedication to the journey ahead with his partner. Embrace the celebration of togetherness with Tasva's exquisite collection of reception dresses for the groom. As you embark on a new journey, let your attire speak volumes about your persona, with elegance and style that stands out. Tasva offers a range of meticulously crafted wedding reception dress options for the groom that exude charm and sophistication. Let's explore the choices that await you for that grand reception evening. 

Curated Choices for the Modern Groom's Reception Dress  

The reception marks a pivotal moment in a groom's life, where his attire is a reflection of his style and the significance of the occasion. Let's explore the options available for an elegant wedding reception dress for men: 

Kurta Pajama for Men  

The kurta pajama is a timeless choice for any special occasion. Be it a wedding or reception party, you are sure to look dapper every bit in this Tasva choice of yours. To ease your confusion, you can pick one from Tasva’s Pink Jacquard Kurta Set and the Maroon Printed Shirt Style Kurta Set that exemplifies the balance of tradition with a modern twist, perfect for a groom. 

Achkan Suit for Men  

For a more tailored look, the achkan suit offers a regal silhouette. Pieces like the Jade Green Brocade Quilted Achkan from Tasva bring this traditional attire into the modern day with sleek cuts and contemporary detailing perfect for a night celebrating your love. 

Men's Bandhgala  

The bandhgala suit is the epitome of ceremonial elegance. Tasva's Black Brocade Bandhgala and the Navy Brocade Bandhgala feature rich fabrics and exquisite craftsmanship, promising a majestic appearance that exudes poise and grandeur. 

Sherwani for Groom  

A sherwani signifies grandeur and grace. Tasva's Ivory Poly Zari Brocade Sherwani, with its opulent embroidery and royal hues, makes for an unforgettable marriage reception dress for men, embodying the brand's commitment to excellence. 

The Art of Dressing: A Groom's Guide to Reception Attire  

For the groom looking to stand out at his reception, the key lies in selecting the right attire that not only reflects his style but also complements the grandeur of the occasion. Here's a style guide to ensure that the groom makes a sophisticated statement: 

Decoding Dress Codes  

Navigating through different dress codes can be daunting. Tasva's range ensures that whether the reception calls for top-to-toe formality or a more relaxed vibe, the groom is impeccably dressed. 

Choices for Different Seasons  

Be it the summer's heat or the winter's chill, Tasva's reception wear for men is designed to provide comfort without compromising on style. From breathable fabrics to warmer weaves, there’s something for every season. 

Do's and Don'ts  

When selecting attire for your reception, keep in mind the fit, color, and the event's timing. Tasva suggests opting for lighter shades and fabrics for daytime events and saving the luxurious textures and darker tones for evening celebrations. 

Accessorise to Panache: Infusing Colour into Your Reception Ensemble  

Accessories play a pivotal role in accentuating the groom's reception attire, adding layers of personality and vibrance to the ensemble. Here’s how you can use accessories to add a pop of color and elegance: 

Jewellery For Men  

Elevate your reception ensemble with Tasva's curated selection of men's jewellery. Be it Safas, brooches, or neckpieces, each accessory is crafted to complement the groom’s attire. Select pieces like the "Six Layered Ivory Beaded Mala" or the "Embroidered Band With Pearl Beads Short Groom Sehra" to add a touch of elegance and aesthetic to your ensemble. 

Brooch for Men  

A brooch can transform a simple reception suit for grooms into a statement piece. Tasva offers a variety of brooches, from subtle elegance to bold statements, that add the groom’s personal touch to the selected reception outfit for men. Consider the "Silver Crystals with Black Stone Brooch '' or the "Maroon Stone and Crystal Brooch with Drop Detailing" for a subtle yet impactful addition to the outfit 

Shawl for Groom  

Add a layer of sophistication with a Tasva shawl, like the "Ivory Silk Zari Jacquard Shawl" or the "Jaal Pattern Beige Shawl", draping gracefully over the groom's attire for a regal look. Tasva's shawls range from delicate zari work to rich Resham and Aari embroidery weaves, perfect for a touch of royalty.  

Mojari for Men  

Complete your look with Tasva’s handcrafted mojari. Options like the "Lime Green Brocade Mojari" or the "Two-Toned Orange Gold Brocade Mojari" promise to add a cultural flair and a pop of color to your reception dress. 

Future of Trends: Reception Dress for Men to Style in 2024  

 As we look towards the future, Tasva stays ahead of the curve, offering designs that blend current trends with timeless elegance. Expect to see innovative cuts, sustainable fabrics, and versatile styles that cater to the modern groom's tastes. 

Choosing Excellence: Why Tasva is Your Destination for Reception Dress for Groom  

Choosing Tasva means opting for a blend of tradition and trendsetting design. It's not just about a garment; it's about an experience that celebrates your special day with splendour. With Tasva, be rest assured that the reception dress for the groom will be nothing short of spectacular, creating memories that are as enduring as the bond you are celebrating. 


FAQs on the Reception

Which dress is best for reception for men?

There are a lot of options to choose from when it comes to reception dresses for men. You can consider buying classic sherwani, achkan or bandhgala. You can also opt for a kurta set with a complementing bundi for a timeless look.

Which are the most popular reception dress colours for men?

At present pastel hues are much in trend, moreover, contemporary shades like navy blue, white, and gold never go out of style. You can also consider black & white Combination for an elegant look.

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Can I wear navy colour to a reception?

Navy colour is much in trend and preferred by most grooms, friends & family so yes you can definitely pick kurta bundi set, bandhgala or sherwani in navy colour.