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Safa For Groom

Safa For Groom

Buy Safa for Men Online in India

In the kaleidoscope of the quintessential Indian weddings, the safa for men (also known as a turban) emerges as a royal element that elevates the elegance of your ensemble effortlessly. When chosen meticulously, they can add a touch of regality and sophistication to your wedding attire. Serving as a resplendent crown, this accessory carries deep-rooted tradition and cultural significance. Quite often, it serves as a sign of respect and pride for the men while reflecting the familial traditions of the groom. In essence, a traditional safa for men transcends its role as a mere accessory; it becomes a tangible expression of cultural pride and personal style, making it an ideal choice to complement your wedding attire. At Tasva, we weave a story of tradition and celebration into every fashionable product we offer, which makes our safas a quintessential addition to your collection. 

Printed front panelPrinted front panel
Printed front panel Sale price₹ 3,499
Silk with gold borderSilk with gold border
Silk with gold border Sale price₹ 2,999
Silk with gold borderSilk with gold border
Silk with gold border Sale price₹ 2,999
Metallic Tissue Safa
Metallic Tissue Safa Sale price₹ 3,999
Safa With Embroidered Border And SarpechSafa With Embroidered Border And Sarpech
Gold Metallic Tissue SafaGold Metallic Tissue Safa
Gold Metallic Tissue Safa Sale price₹ 3,999
Peach Metallic Tissue SafaPeach Metallic Tissue Safa
Peach Metallic Tissue Safa Sale price₹ 3,999
All Over Printed Chanderi SafaAll Over Printed Chanderi Safa
All Over Printed Chanderi Safa Sale price₹ 2,999
Ombre SafaOmbre Safa
Ombre Safa Sale price₹ 3,999
Chanderi Printed SafaChanderi Printed Safa
Chanderi Printed Safa Sale price₹ 3,499
Mustard Safa With Printed PanelMustard Safa With Printed Panel
Yellow Silk Safa With Gold BorderYellow Silk Safa With Gold Border
Safa With Embroidered Border And SarpechSafa With Embroidered Border And Sarpech
Safa With Embroidered Border And SarpechSafa With Embroidered Border And Sarpech
Safa With Embroidered Border And SarpechSafa With Embroidered Border And Sarpech
Sequined Safa With SarpechSequined Safa With Sarpech
Sequined Safa With Sarpech Sale price₹ 5,999
Jacquard Safa With Sarpech DetailingJacquard Safa With Sarpech Detailing
White silk safa with golden borderWhite silk safa with golden border
Ombre SafaOmbre Safa
Ombre Safa Sale price₹ 3,999
Metallic Tissue SafaMetallic Tissue Safa
Metallic Tissue Safa Sale price₹ 3,999
Safa With Printed Front PanelSafa With Printed Front Panel
Safa With Printed Front Panel Sale price₹ 3,499
Silk Safa With BorderSilk Safa With Border
Silk Safa With Border Sale price₹ 2,999
Silk Safa with Gold BorderSilk Safa with Gold Border
Silk Safa with Gold Border Sale price₹ 2,999
Rustic Red Metallic Tissue Safa
Metallic Tissue SafaMetallic Tissue Safa
Metallic Tissue Safa Sale price₹ 3,999
Peach Metallic Tissue Safa
Peach Metallic Tissue Safa Sale price₹ 3,999
White Printed Safa
White Printed Safa Sale price₹ 3,499
Wine Printed Safa
Wine Printed Safa Sale price₹ 3,499
Ivory With Maroon Floral Printed Safa
Maroon Geometric Printed Safa
Maroon Geometric Printed Safa Sale price₹ 3,499
Maroon Yellow Printed Safa
Maroon Yellow Printed Safa Sale price₹ 2,999
Maroon Blue Floral Printed Safa
Maroon Paisley Printed Safa
Maroon Paisley Printed Safa Sale price₹ 2,999

Different Types of Safa for Men

A classic safa for Sherwani is an element that seamlessly infuses a dash of royalty into your attire. With that being said, it becomes crucial for you to pick a safa that not only complements your outfit but also enhances your overall look magnanimously. Let’s discover a few types of safa for men available at Tasva: 

Classic Safa

A classic safa for men, steeped in tradition, boasts luxurious fabrics like silk and tissue draped around as headgear for weddings. It often flaunts intricate designs or zari borders and vibrant hues that flow beautifully along the folds and pleats of the fabric. When looking for a classic safa for men, our Silk Safa with Gold Border is the one to count on. Adding this accessory to your sherwani is sure to enhance its regal appeal effortlessly. 

Jodhpuri Safa  

The Jodhpuri safa for men distinguishes itself with a distinctive long tail cascading down the back. Adorned with tie-dye prints, a hallmark of Rajasthani style, this safa exudes vibrancy and colour, making it a captivating statement piece within the ensemble. This makes pairing a traditional Jodhpuri safa for groom with your sherwani your best bet to leave lasting impressions like never before. You can find ample such safas on Tasva and make a great choice from a multitude of options available online. 

Printed Safa

A printed Jodhpuri safa is a classic-contemporary masterpiece that boasts an array of traditional and geometric prints, lending a modern flair to your otherwise traditional outfit. From floral bootis to intricate paisley artwork and geometric designs, Tasva has got you covered with every print that aligns with your outfit’s aesthetic and your personal preferences. 

Designer Safa

A designer safa for groom is an accessory that goes beyond the traditional styles. These include unique elements, modern aesthetics, and luxurious fabrics that make them an ideal pick for fashion-forward grooms. Tasva’s Ombre Safa, for one, is a designer masterpiece that is sure to get you a shower of compliments on your D-Day. 

Styling Tips: How to Wear a Safa for a Wedding

A Jodhpuri safa for weddings can easily make or break your look, depending on the way you style this quintessential accessory. If you think that merely draping it over your head can do the job, you’re wrong. There is so much more to styling a safa for men than just draping them as headgear. 

Matching Safa with Outfits

Choosing the perfect safa for men to complement the look is an art that seamlessly elevates the appeal of your wedding ensemble. Whether it's matching colours, coordinating intricate details, or choosing complementary fabrics, the pairing between safa and attire results in a balanced and visually stunning look. A well-matched safa for men not only adds a regal touch, but it also demonstrates meticulous attention to detail, elevating your style on your big day. 

Coordinating Safa with Accessories

Coordinating the safa for men with accessories is the key to adding uniqueness and opulence to its unparalleled charm. The embellishments on the accessories you choose can copiously enhance their appeal and complement your ensemble like no other. To create a distinctive look, you can always count on our sarpeches and sehras, which are destined to make your Jodhpuri safa for groom look aesthetically appealing. 

Safa Draping Techniques

Mastering the art of draping the safa for men can help you achieve the perfect folds, pleats, and knots, promising you a regal look you can’t get enough of. You can experiment with different techniques, such as Rajasthani, Sikh, Peshwa, Marathi, Jodhpuri, etc. You can also try the modern, messy style or play around with twists. A rose-inspired drape and one with a bow can be your keys to a fashion statement. 

Choosing the Perfect Safa for Every Occasion

It is no news that a safa for men is a quintessential element of a groom’s attire. However, selecting the right one can be a deal-breaker. Here’s how to choose a safa for men for different ceremonies of the wedding celebration: 


Selecting the perfect safa for sherwani you are going to wear on D-Day demands consideration in terms of fabric, colour, and intricate detailing of embellishments. Our Ivory Metallic Tissue Safa is simple yet elegant and matches almost anything you pick for your wedding day. You can also explore our range of safas to choose the one that perfectly complements your attire, aligning with the colour, embellishments or even the fabric of your outfit. 


A safa for men comes as an easy-to-style accessory that adds a touch of sophistication and opulence to your reception outfit. Its elegant appeal and embellishments can not only make you stand out but also align well with the venue’s celebratory ambience. The metallic safas on our website, along with the modern, ombre ones, can be a perfect addition to your ensemble for this event. 


Your engagement sherwani can use a contrasting safa for a refined yet unique look. While the wedding might demand a more traditional, embroidered safa for sherwani, you always have the opportunity to experiment with the accessory for the engagement. You can pair your blue sherwani with a printed Jodhpuri safa that offers you a statement look people can’t take their eyes off. 

Latest Trends in Men Safa for Weddings in 2024 

Although traditional, men’s safas for weddings today boast an allure that perfectly blends traditions and modern aesthetics. Everything from ombre colours and eye-catching prints to intricate embroidery and different draping styles is in vogue. Tie-dye safas and dual-toned safas, as well as accessories such as the beautifully crafted sarpeches align with the trends, making them must-haves in your collection.  

Why Choose "Tasva" for Men’s Wedding Safa 

When it comes to your big day, adding the “wow” factor becomes an unsaid requirement. Tasva understands that and hence is your one-stop shop to purchase some of the most unique safas that will amp up your wedding attire in no time. They showcase a blend of tradition, celebration, and style like no other, making them the perfect choice for your wedding collection. Wait no more to explore the extensive range of safas for men at Tasva and add your favourites to the cart right away.