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Stoles & Shawls for Men

Stoles & Shawls for Men

Tasva: Your Online Destination For Exquisite Men’s Sherwani Shawls  

 Shawls are quintessential statement pieces in a man's wardrobe due to their unique ability to infuse elegance into any attire and occasion. They serve as versatile accessories that can elevate a simple outfit into a ceremonial grandeur, reflecting a man's appreciation for tradition and his flair for style. In men's fashion, the sherwani shawl is a timeless accessory that brings warmth, elegance, and a distinguished look to various outfits, carrying forward the intertwined memories of their D-Day. Its versatility allows it to be draped over sherwanis, paired with kurtas, or worn with formal suits, making it a must-have in a man's wardrobe for weddings and other formal events. 

Multi Coloured Floral Patterned Stole With Stripes Border
Floral Patterned Stole With Paisley And Stripes Border
Ready Embroidered Shawl
Ready Embroidered Shawl Sale price₹ 7,999
Grey Shawl With Rust Border
Grey Shawl With Rust Border Sale price₹ 1,999
Ivory Subtle Embroidered Shawl
Ivory Subtle Embroidered Shawl Sale price₹ 1,999
Graphic Pink Paisley Stole
Graphic Pink Paisley Stole Sale price₹ 2,499
Vintage Style Rust Stole
Vintage Style Rust Stole Sale price₹ 2,499
Jaal Pattern Beige Shawl
Jaal Pattern Beige Shawl Sale price₹ 5,999
Rust-Turquoise Paisley Patterned Stole
Ivory Silk Zari Jacquard Shawl
Ivory Silk Zari Jacquard Shawl Sale price₹ 4,999
Ready Embroidered Shawl
Ready Embroidered Shawl Sale price₹ 8,499
Sage Green Vine & Leaves Stole
Sage Green Vine & Leaves Stole Sale price₹ 1,499
Ivory Embroidered Shawl
Ivory Embroidered Shawl Sale price₹ 6,999
Shawl With Resham And Aari Embroidery
Beige Shawl With Paisley Patterned Border
Grey Thread Embroidered Stole
Grey Thread Embroidered Stole Sale price₹ 4,499
Ivory Embroidered Shawl
Ivory Embroidered Shawl Sale price₹ 5,999
White Modal Satin Backing With
Edge Finishing Shawl
Light Coloured Floral Patterned  Stole With Dark Border
Plain Stole With Zari Jacquard Borders
Black All Over Jaal Shawl With A Zari Border
Navy Blue Shawl With Zari Border
Self Jacquard Soft Woven Shawl
Self Jacquard Soft Woven Shawl Sale price₹ 2,999
All Over Woven Zari Jacquard Stole
All Over Woven Zari Jacquard Stole
Yellow Ochre Shawl With Zari Border
Grey Shawl With Border
Grey Shawl With Border Sale price₹ 7,999
Red All Over Floral Jaal Shawl With Zari
Shawl With Patterened Border
Shawl With Patterened Border Sale price₹ 9,999
Navy Shawl With Zari Border
Navy Shawl With Zari Border Sale price₹ 7,499
Beige Stole With Paisley Border
Red Stole With Patterened Silver Stripes
Black Lattice Pattern Stole
Black Lattice Pattern Stole Sale price₹ 9,999
Edges Folding With Stiching And Tag Logo
Edges Folding With Stiching And Tag Logo
Shawl With Multi Stripes And Edge Finishing
Red Floral Pattern Stole
Red Floral Pattern Stole Sale price₹ 5,499
Black Flora Fauna Paisley Pattern Shawl
Red Geometric Pattern Stole
Red Geometric Pattern Stole Sale price₹ 4,499
Blue Golden Striped Stole
Blue Golden Striped Stole Sale price₹ 2,499
New Boho Style Brown Striped Stole
Shawl With Patra Embroidery at Borders
Pleated Stole With Embroidered Borders
All Over Resham Embroidered Pleated Stole
Zari Jacquard Shawl
Zari Jacquard Shawl Sale price₹ 5,499
Woven Shawl With Intricate Zari Border
Multicoloured Woven Shawl With Satin Finishing
Multicoloured Woven Shawl With Satin Finishing

A Spectrum of Style: Exploring Various Sherwani Shawls for Men  

Sherwani Shawls for men embody the union of functionality and style by adding an aesthetic dimension to traditional attire and keeping you warm. Tasva's collection celebrates this versatility, offering a wedding shawl for grooms from richly embroidered to elegantly patterned range, each piece resonating with the cultural heritage and sartorial sophistication of the modern man. 

Embroidery Shawl  

With the "Ivory Subtle Embroidered Shawl," Tasva showcases its commitment to fine craftsmanship, creating a piece that is not just an accessory but a highlight for any sherwani. 

Pattern Shawl  

The "Floral Patterned Stole with Paisley and Stripes Border" or the “Jaal Pattern Beige Shawl” is a tribute to the love for detail, ideal for those who wish to introduce a narrative of sophistication to their traditional wear. 

Floral Shawl  

Versatile and refined, the "Black Flora Fauna Paisley Pattern Shawl" from Tasva's collection is a sartorial choice that seamlessly bridges casual and formal, infusing ensembles with a lyrical touch of nature. 

Silk Shawl  

For a touch of unadulterated opulence, the "Ivory Silk Zari Jacquard Shawl" offers a luxuriously soft texture and a distinguished sheen that perfectly complements the grandeur of the groom's attire. 

Mastering the Drape: Style Tips for Men's Sherwani Shawl  

In styling a sherwani shawl, one adds a layer of tradition and finesse to their ensemble, showcasing how a simple drape can transform an attire into a statement of elegance and cultural pride. Additionally, Tasva's shawls are designed to not only complement the outfit but to become a centrepiece that elevates the overall aesthetic. 

Complementing the Wedding Attire  

The sherwani shawl serves as more than just an add-on; it's a transformative piece. Our Jaal Pattern Beige Shawl when elegantly draped over a sherwani, can elevate the groom's presence, signifying a thoughtful consideration of style. 

Pairing with Accessories  

Complementing the kurta shawl with well-chosen accessories, such as the "Light Olive-Ivory Reversible Pocket Square," creates a cohesive and sophisticated look, ensuring every detail contributes to the groom's distinguished appearance on his wedding day. 

The Art of Accessorising: Elevating Your Sherwani Shawl  

Accessorising with a sherwani shawl is an expression of grace and an understanding of layered sophistication. It's about creating harmony between attire and adornment, where pieces like Tasva's kurta shawls not only add to the outfit but also reflect the wearer's attention to detail and sense of style. 

Matching with the Suit  

The art of matching a sherwani shawl with a suit lies in the seamless blend of textures and colors, and Tasva's "Graphic Pink Paisley Stole" or the “Shawl With Resham And Aari Embroidery” paired with a light beige sherwani is the epitome of this harmony. 

Pocket Square Coordination  

For a well-coordinated ensemble, the inclusion of pocket squares such as our “Teal Digitally Printed Logo Pocket Square" would give you the perfect look. It echoes colours and motifs that are bound to add a touch of finesse to the men’s shawl for a kurta. 


Footwear is the foundation of any outfit making our collection with designer products such as our “Two Toned Orange Gold Brocade Mojari” a treat to the eyes. Our collection is meticulously designed to complement groom shawls rounding off the groom’s attire with impeccable style for a truly celebratory occasion. 

The Future Draped in Tradition: 2024 Trends in Sherwani Shawls for Men 

Peering into the style trends of 2024, Tasva envisions sherwani shawls maintaining their essential role in men's fashion, becoming more than just a one-day ceremonial staple. The brand foresees a future where groom shawls feature a melange of traditional motifs and modern design elements. This further offers innovative patterns and weaves that cater to the discerning tastes of the contemporary gentleman seeking both heritage and trends in his wardrobe. 

Tasva's Touch: Why Choose Us for Your Sherwani Shawl in India  

Tasva's collection is not just about adding a layer of fabric; it's about adding a layer of personality and tradition to every ensemble. Tasva is the go-to destination for men's shawls that complement a sherwani, kurta, or a simple suit. With an array of options from "Embroidered Shawls" to "Silk Shawls," each piece from Tasva is crafted with attention to detail and designed to enhance the groom's attire with the perfect sherwani shawl, ensuring he looks nothing less than regal on his special day. With Tasva, the groom's journey down the aisle is not just a walk but a majestic stride adorned with the finest sherwani shawls, making every moment of celebration memorable and stylish.