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Now that your ensemble is curated to the very last thread, let's venture into the final frontier of matrimonial style - footwear. Sure, tradition playfully dictates that your mojari might be spirited away by the bridesmaids as part of the wedding hijinks, but why not give them something truly spectacular to 'steal'? Tasva offers you mojari pairs that do more than just complete your look—they echo your unique personality. Step into a Tasva mojari, where every detail is as distinctive and impressive as you are. Let's make sure that if they are destined to be a trophy, they are nothing short of extraordinary! 

Different Types of Mojari for Groom

Mojari for the groom is not just a footwear choice but a legacy carried forward from the majestic era of maharajas. The meticulous design and comfort make them an indispensable part of the groom's attire. Here are a few of the many options that are sure to make your look one of a kind and the “steal” worthwhile. 

Golden Mojari for Men

Indulge in the opulence of golden mojari for men, designed to add a regal sparkle to your steps. For instance, the Gold Brocade With Square Motif Detail Mojari from Tasva is a bestseller that promises to bedazzle onlookers with its rich texture and shimmering hue. 

Brocade Mojari

Our brocade mojari range is a tribute to the intricate artistry of Indian craftsmanship. From the Lime Green Brocade Mojari to the Royal Blue and Grey Brocade Mojari, each pair is a work of art that speaks volumes of your distinguished taste. 

Jodhpuri Mojari 

Jodhpuri mojari for men, inspired by the royal courts of Marwar, is an emblem of heritage and elegance. The Black Brocade Mojari with Black Leather Detailing is a bestseller that exemplifies the traditional Jodhpuri craftsmanship blended with contemporary style. 

Leather Mojari

For those who appreciate the timeless appeal of leather, Tasva presents leather mojari shoes for men, a collection where durability meets design. The Tan Leather Loafers with Brocade Detailing are perfect for the groom who values classic sophistication. 

Style Tasva's Mojari for Different Wedding Occasions

Transform every ceremony into a catwalk of tradition with Tasva's mojari, where each pair has a statement of elegance that seamlessly integrates with your attire. Knowing about the varied options is one part of the game while making the right choice is another. Which style to pick with the attire of your choice is often perplexing, which is why we have a list you can thank us for later! 


Pair the Peach Brocade Slingback Loafers with a cream sherwani embroidered with peach motifs. These mojaris are sublime yet stylish, thus making them the perfect choice of accessory on your engagement day as you exchange rings and secret promises. 


Complement a vibrant kurta set with our Tan Leather Loafers With Brocade Detailing as you dance the night away. Our Bright Green Brocade Mojari is a vibrant work of art that is sure to add glamour to your Sangeet outfit. Make it a statement piece by pairing it with your classic sangeet attire and get ready to steal the show. Their ease and elegance are just what you need for a sangeet that’s as spirited as it is stylish. 


Team the suave Ivory Brocade with Leather Detail Mojari with a sleek black Indo-western suit. These are the perfect blend of sophistication for your cocktail event, mirroring the evening’s chic ambiance. 


For the lively mehendi ceremony, match the playful Two-Toned orange-gold Brocade Mojari with a lighter-hued kurta to stand out amidst the vivid colors of joy and celebration. 


During the Haldi ceremony, where you are draped in hues of sunshine, the Lime Green Brocade Mojari will be a unique yet subtle addition, accentuating the traditional yellows and whites of your attire. 


For the big wedding day, choose the Ivory Brocade With Leather Detail Mojari to match your regal red sherwani. This wedding mojari for the groom is the embodiment of matrimonial elegance and tradition. 


End your wedding celebrations on a high note with the classic Black Brocade Mojari with Black Leather Detailing. Ideal for pairing with a tuxedo or a velvet bandhgala, they are a testament to the timeless reception night. 

How to Style Mojari for Wedding Events 

As you step into the spotlight of your wedding events, let the mojari be the cornerstone of your attire. These traditional shoes are not merely a choice of footwear; they are a statement of your cultural pride and personal style. Here's how to ensure your mojari perfectly complements the grandeur of each ceremony. 

Selecting the Ideal Mojari for the Groom

Selecting the perfect mojari for the groom is an art—aim for a pair that reflects the hues and intricacies of your attire. Comfort is paramount; your mojari should cradle your feet like a throne, ensuring royal ease from dawn to dusk. 

Styling Mojari with Traditional Wedding Attire

Pair your mojari with precision—let the fine details of your sherwani's embroidery or the rich shade of your turban find a friend in your footwear. The right groom mojari is the final stroke in the masterpiece of your wedding attire.

Latest Trends in Wedding Mojari for Men in 2024

In 2024, the wedding mojari for men is redefining groom attire with a bold twist on tradition. Imagine stepping into a pair of Jodhpuri mojari for men, where classic meets contemporary. A unison of metallic hues and classic beading, this masterpiece is perfect for the groom with an eye for timeless elegance. You can also consider slipping into mojari shoes, available in rich, velvet textures with contemporary patterns, such as geometric cutouts or abstract embroidery. For the avant-garde groom, think leather mojari etched with unconventional designs, showcasing personal flair. This year, the trend is all about personal expression through vibrant color schemes, such as ombre transitions from deep maroons to bright golds, and custom embellishments that resonate with the groom's individual style. 

Why choose "Tasva" for Wedding Mojari for men

Tasva is the epitome of luxury and tradition, offering a curated selection of mojari shoes for men that blend heritage with comfort and style. Our mojaris are more than just footwear; they are a promise of quality, comfort, and timeless elegance for the discerning groom. 

FAQ's on Men's Wedding Mojaris

1. What are the most popular Mojari designs for grooms?

    Popular designs include Golden Mojari for a regal look, Jodhpuri Mojari for a traditional touch, and Leather Mojari for a blend of comfort and style. 

    2. Are Mojari shoes comfortable for long hours during a wedding?

      Yes, our Mojari shoes are designed for comfort during extended wear. They are crafted with soft insoles and quality materials to ensure comfort throughout your wedding day. 

      3. How do I care for my Mojari shoes after the wedding?

      Keep them in a dry place away from direct sunlight. Use a soft brush to remove any dirt. 

      FAQs on the Wedding Mojari For Groom