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Originating from the royal courts of Rajasthan, the bandhgala for men has become a sartorial symbol of men's fashion globally. Characterized by its mandarin collar and buttoned placket, the bandhgala suit epitomizes elegance and serves as a versatile choice for a variety of occasions. From political figures to Bollywood celebrities, the bandhgala for men has graced the wardrobes of the most distinguished men, making it a quintessential style statement for the modern gentleman. 

Black Velvet Embroidered BandhgalaBlack Velvet Embroidered Bandhgala
Black Brocade BandhgalaBlack Brocade Bandhgala
Black Brocade Bandhgala Sale price₹ 17,999
Black Printed Velvet BandhgalaBlack Printed Velvet Bandhgala
Black Printed Velvet Bandhgala Sale price₹ 7,999
Bandhgala In Jacquard With Collar WorkBandhgala In Jacquard With Collar Work
Bandhgala In Jacquard With Kantha DetailsBandhgala In Jacquard With Kantha Details
Bandhgala In Linen With Military DetailsBandhgala In Linen With Military Details
Bandhgala In Jacquard With Placement Dori WorkBandhgala In Jacquard With Placement Dori Work
All Over Embroidered BandhgalaAll Over Embroidered Bandhgala
All Over Embroidered Bandhgala Sale price₹ 27,999
Bandhgala In Jacquard With Placement Dori HighlightsBandhgala In Jacquard With Placement Dori Highlights
Asymmetrical Waffle Patterned BandhgalaAsymmetrical Waffle Patterned Bandhgala
Asymmetric Embroidered BandhgalaAsymmetric Embroidered Bandhgala
All Over Embroidered Velvet BandhgalaAll Over Embroidered Velvet Bandhgala
Black Thread Embroidered BandhgalaBlack Thread Embroidered Bandhgala
Black Textured BandhgalaBlack Textured Bandhgala
Black Textured Bandhgala Sale price₹ 12,999
Bandhgala In All Over Thread WorkBandhgala In All Over Thread Work
Black Embroidered BandhgalaBlack Embroidered Bandhgala
Black Embroidered Bandhgala Sale price₹ 17,999
Black Semi Structured BandhgalaBlack Semi Structured Bandhgala
Velvet Bandhgala With Zardozi Collar And CuffVelvet Bandhgala With Zardozi Collar And Cuff
Velvet Kantha Stitch BandhgalaVelvet Kantha Stitch Bandhgala
Velvet Kantha Stitch Bandhgala Sale price₹ 9,999
Multi Jacquard BandhgalaMulti Jacquard Bandhgala
Multi Jacquard Bandhgala Sale price₹ 12,999
Peach Bandhgala with Contrast detailsPeach Bandhgala with Contrast details
Velvet Bandhgala With Top Stich DetailsVelvet Bandhgala With Top Stich Details
Black Embroidered Linen BandhgalaBlack Embroidered Linen Bandhgala
Terry Rayon Bandhgala With Saddle Stich DetailsTerry Rayon Bandhgala With Saddle Stich Details
Grey Jacquard BandhgalaGrey Jacquard Bandhgala
Grey Jacquard Bandhgala Sale price₹ 14,999
Blue Plain Stretch BandhgalaBlue Plain Stretch Bandhgala
Blue Plain Stretch Bandhgala Sale price₹ 12,999
Mint Jacquard BandhgalaMint Jacquard Bandhgala
Mint Jacquard Bandhgala Sale price₹ 12,999
Teal Printed BandhgalaTeal Printed Bandhgala
Teal Printed Bandhgala Sale price₹ 14,999
Red Textured BandhgalaRed Textured Bandhgala
Red Textured Bandhgala Sale price₹ 7,999
Black Velvet With Frogging Button BandhgalaBlack Velvet With Frogging Button Bandhgala
Navy Jacquard BandhgalaNavy Jacquard Bandhgala
Navy Jacquard Bandhgala Sale price₹ 9,999
Bandhgala With Embroidered CollarBandhgala With Embroidered Collar
Navy Classic Bandhgala with Seam DetailNavy Classic Bandhgala with Seam Detail
Bandhgala With Single Front ButtonBandhgala With Single Front Button
Velvet Bandhgala With Top Stitch DetailsVelvet Bandhgala With Top Stitch Details
Dark Olive Linen BanghgalaDark Olive Linen Banghgala
Dark Olive Linen Banghgala Sale price₹ 16,999
Blue Velvet BandhgalaBlue Velvet Bandhgala
Blue Velvet Bandhgala Sale price₹ 7,999
Linen BanghgalaLinen Banghgala
Linen Banghgala Sale price₹ 16,999
Olive Linen BandhgalaOlive Linen Bandhgala
Olive Linen Bandhgala Sale price₹ 16,999
Navy Thread Embroidered BandhgalaNavy Thread Embroidered Bandhgala
Peach Classic Bandhgala With Embroidery DetailPeach Classic Bandhgala With Embroidery Detail
Brown Linen Bandhgala With Tonal Dori EmbroideryBrown Linen Bandhgala With Tonal Dori Embroidery
Black Classic Bandhgala With Zipper PocketBlack Classic Bandhgala With Zipper Pocket
Grey Classic Bandhgala With Zipper PocketGrey Classic Bandhgala With Zipper Pocket
Beige Classic Jacquard BandhgalaBeige Classic Jacquard Bandhgala
Plain Stretch Bandhgala In Built Up NeckPlain Stretch Bandhgala In Built Up Neck
Ivory All Over Dori Quilted BandhgalaIvory All Over Dori Quilted Bandhgala
Beige All Over Dori Quilted BandhgalaBeige All Over Dori Quilted Bandhgala

Unveiling the Charm of Bandhgala Suits for Men

Bandhgala suits are deeply entrenched in India's fashion history, originating as a hybrid between British tailoring and Indian aesthetics. Three unique design elements define the bandhgala: 

High Neck Collar:

The high neck collar is a signature element of the bandhgala suit, offering an unparalleled level of sophistication. It serves to elongate the neck and adds a royal touch, making it a go-to choice for formal events and special occasions. 

Buttoned Placket:

This design feature consists of a vertical line of buttons extending from the collar down to the waist. It serves a dual purpose: enhancing the garment's visual appeal while creating a sleek silhouette that compliments the wearer's form. 

Tailored Fit:

 Unlike off-the-rack options, a tailored bandhgala suit for men is custom fitted to the individual's body shape, hugging the contours closely. This precise fit gives the outfit a regal look, elevating the wearer's style quotient significantly. 

Stylishly Classic: The Bandhgala Suit Aesthetic

Bandhgala suits bring a unique aesthetic charm with their meticulous button patterns and exquisite fabric choices. Colour plays an instrumental role in defining their aesthetic. Some of the many colours that add to the charm are:  

Maroon Bandhgala Suit:

The richness of the maroon colour makes this bandhgala suit an excellent choice for weddings, encapsulating a sense of regal flair. The deep hue resonates well with traditional settings, making it an instant eye-catcher. 

Navy Blue Bandhgala Suit:

With its versatile navy-blue shade, this bandhgala suit works perfectly for a range of events from daytime gatherings to elegant functions in the evening. The colour complements most skin tones and adds a touch of sophistication to the ensemble. 

Black Bandhgala Suit:

The timeless black bandhgala suit is the epitome of class and is best suited for formal occasions. Its understated colour allows for a wide range of accessory choices, enabling you to bring your own flair to life. 

White Bandhgala Suit:

Ideal for daytime events like garden parties or outdoor weddings, the white bandhgala suit provides a clean, crisp appearance. The light colour serves as a canvas for various accessories, allowing for a highly customizable look. 

Bandhgala Suits for Special Occasions: Groom's Delight

For grooms, the bandhgala suit is more than just a garment; it's a style statement that reflects their personality. These styling tips are essential to curate the perfect bandhgala for groom. Here are three ways to perfect this look: 

Colour Coordination:

When selecting a bandhgala suit for groom, the colour must harmonize with the bride's attire. This coordinated approach not only elevates the couple's overall look but also creates a visually pleasing aesthetic for wedding photos. 

Accessory Integration:

The beauty of a bandhgala suit lies in the details. Adding refined accessories like pocket squares, shawls and stoles, and kamarbandhs can significantly uplift the ensemble, making it even more occasion-appropriate and stylish. 

Personal Styling:

To make the bandhgala suit truly your own, consider adding personal touches like customized buttons or unique embroidery. These individual elements infuse a sense of uniqueness into the outfit, ensuring you stand out in a crowd. 

Elevating the Game: Designer Bandhgala Suits

The world of designer bandhgala suits introduces avant-garde features like elaborate embroidery, sequins work, and modern cuts. These details make each stylish bandhgala a masterpiece in itself. Three contemporary trends include: 

Extravagant Fabrics:

For those looking to make a grand statement, opting for luxurious fabrics like velvets and silks can elevate the bandhgala suit to new heights. These rich materials not only add a luscious feel but also exude an air of opulence and grandeur. 

Global Influences:

 In today's interconnected world, bandhgala suits have begun to incorporate global design elements. Whether it's a Western-style cut or a Middle Eastern pattern, these international influences add an extra layer of sophistication and worldly appeal to the traditional outfit. 

Custom Embellishments:

Nothing says unique like personalised embroidery or patchwork. Adding these custom embellishments can transform a standard bandhgala suit into a one-of-a-kind masterpiece that reflects your personal style and taste. 

Beyond Tradition: Bandhgala Blazers for Modern Styling

The bandhgala blazer for weddings takes the traditional suit to new fashion heights. This modern twist caters to versatile options. Here are ways to pair it: 

With Jeans:

Pairing a black bandhgala blazer with jeans strikes a balance between casual and sophisticated. This combination offers a versatile look that's perfect for informal social gatherings while still maintaining a touch of elegance. 

With Chinos:

For occasions that call for semi-formal attire, chinos are an excellent choice to pair with a white bandhgala blazer. This combination offers a relaxed yet polished appearance, ideal for dinner dates or less formal weddings. 

With Formal Trousers:

When it comes to corporate events or formal gatherings, pairing a bandhgala blazer with formal trousers is the way to go. This ensemble captures the essence of professionalism and class, ensuring you make a strong impression. 

The Convenience of Online Shopping: Buy Bandhgala Online

With the world embracing digitalization left right and center, online shopping has become one’s second nature. If you are getting married, you can buy bandhgala suits online and save some time for something worthwhile. While you think of where to buy your attire, let us tell you, at Tasva the options are endless: 

Wide Range:

The beauty of shopping online for bandhgala suits is like having an extensive collection available all at your fingertips. From classic, understated designs to the latest designer bandhgala styles with mandarin borders and square pockets, there is something to suit every taste and occasion.