Haldi Dresses for Men

The Haldi ceremony is an auspicious prelude to the wedding that requires a dress as special as the occasion itself. In the array of vibrant traditions, the haldi dress for men stands out, infusing the golden hues of turmeric with the luminous journey of matrimony. Tasva offers an exquisite collection that encapsulates the joy and sanctity of this ceremony through elegant designs and comfortable fabrics. 

Celebrating Traditions: Explore Diverse Styles of Haldi Dress for Men 

 As the Haldi ceremony dawns, marking the pre-wedding festivities with its golden glow, Tasva presents a collection of haldi kurta for men that perfectly resonates with the spirit of the occasion. 

Textured Yellow Kurta Set 

Tasva's textured yellow kurta sets are the epitome of traditional elegance. Designed with modern sensibilities, the haldi ceremony dress for men, like the Yellow Textured Kurta Set, features minimal designs to celebrate the ceremonial grandeur. This ensures that the groom looks distinguished and feels comfortable throughout the joyous proceedings. 

Yellow Single Kurta for Men 

The Yellow Single Kurta from Tasva, like our Yellow Ochre Single Kurta With Two Front Pockets, stands as a beacon of festivity and purity. It is expertly crafted to capture the limelight, ensuring that the groom radiates with the vibrancy of the ceremony's essence. 

Yellow Brocade Bundi Set 

Embodying the richness of the tradition, Tasva's Yellow Brocade Bundi Set is a masterpiece that fuses the luxurious texture of brocade with the propitiousness of the colour yellow, making the haldi ceremony dress for men a regal selection for the occasion. 

Comfort in Culture: Choosing the Right Fabric for Haldi Dress for Men 

Tasva appreciates that the choice of fabric in selecting a haldi kurta for men is as crucial as the design itself, especially for ceremonies like Haldi that are rich in tradition and activity. 

Understanding Fabric Types 

The brand's fabric selection for curating a haldi function dress for men is a thoughtful process that prioritises visual appeal without compromising on comfort. Thus, ensuring that the groom is at ease during the lengthy and significant Haldi rituals. 

Durability and Ease of Care 

Recognising that Haldi ceremonies involve a lot of fun and frolic, Tasva ensures that its Haldi outfit for grooms is made from durable materials that withstand the playful smearing of turmeric while also being easy to clean and maintain. 

Colour and Fabric 

Tasva's expertise in fabric selection shines through in its vibrant yellow garments, chosen for their ability to enhance the function’s vibe. These fabrics used to make a haldi dress for men are not only beautiful to look at but also comfortable to wear, allowing the groom to engage in the function with grace and ease. 

Elevate Your Haldi Attire: Accessorising Tips for Haldi Dress for Men 

Accessorising is key to elevating the traditional Haldi function dress for men and Tasva offers an array of choices to adorn the groom: 

Jewellery for Grooms 

To add a royal flourish to the Haldi outfit for men, Tasva presents exclusive pieces such as the "Six Layered Ivory Beaded Mala," perfect for the groom to make a sophisticated statement. 

Shawl for Grooms 

A shawl is not just an accessory but a statement of style. Wrap the groom in elegance with Tasva's "Jaal Pattern Beige Shawl" or drape him in the luxurious "Ivory Silk Zari Jacquard Shawl" to enhance his look on your Haldi day. 


A traditional look is complete with the right footwear. Tasva's Gold Brocade With Square Motif Detail Mojari is the perfect finishing touch to the groom's Haldi attire making it an ideal choice to wear on his big day while embracing style and tradition.  

Future Elegance: Upcoming Trends in Haldi Dress for Men in 2024 

We at Tasva strive to stay ahead of the fashion curve, forecasting the latest styles for a Haldi dress for grooms that will continue to celebrate cultural heritage with a contemporary twist in 2024. We remain a step ahead, anticipating the trends that will define the Haldi attires for men in 2024. Our forward-thinking approach guarantees that the Haldi dress for men you choose will honour cultural traditions while embracing contemporary design elements, ensuring that every groom is adorned in a style that feels both timeless and refreshingly modern. Each of our options of a Haldi dress for men is designed to make every moment of the ceremony a trendsetting affair, so invest now. 

Why Tasva? The Premier Choice for Haldi Dress for Men in India 

Choosing Tasva’s haldi dress for men for the auspicious occasion means choosing an outfit that is crafted with precision, designed with cultural authenticity, and envisioned to add to the celebratory spirit of the occasion. With Tasva, every groom is assured to look his best in a haldi dress for grooms that is as memorable as the day itself. 


FAQs on the Haldi Dresses for Men

What should men wear for Haldi?

There are tremendous options for men when it comes to Haldi attire, you may also choose yellow colored kurta with pyjamas, which is an ideal pick for this occasion. You may go attractive by teaming this up with a contrasting Nehru jacket, or a stole.

Is it necessary to wear yellow in Haldi?

No, yellow is not the only colour you should opt for. You may experiment with pastel colours, heavily embroidered kurtas, or multi-coloured kurtas with stunning prunts.

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