You have finalised your ethinic attire, and mastered the art of pulling off a traditional sherwani, achkans, kurta set, or any other costume. But what about jewelleries?
Missing out these means you are skipping on some significant styling tricks. At Tasva, we offer a great range of men's jewellery including Brooch, Mala, Sehra, Sarpech, and more.

Ethnic Jewelleries For A Gentleman Who Loves To Stay in Style
Men’s jewellery not only elevates a man’s confidence, but also boosts their appearance to be more classy and refined. Buy men's jewellery from a wide array of at Tasva. Browse through elegant brooches, charismatic mala, graceful sarpech, and sehra for men, you are surely going to fall in love.
Sport a basic kurta-pyjama with a colourful pocket square and you are ready. So the next time you get dressed, don’t forget to accessorise.

A Classy Brooch For Ideal Ensemble
Brooch symbolises royalty and charisma. It is usually worn on the left side and adds the taste of tradition. Brooches for men come in all shapes & sizes and goes well with mostly all classic attires like sherwanis, kurtas, achkans, and others. A stylish brooch complements an outfit and creates a memorable look. Opt from brooch with stone work, embellished ones, or the brooches featuring exquisite embroidery.

A Perfect Mala for Your D Day
Jewellery is no more limited only for women, today men can also rock jewellery and boost their fashion statement. Mala is one such neck piece which adds spark to the overall look when complemented with your wedding dress. Tasva mala for men that completes the entire costume with the utmost style on your special day. Take your pick from a plethora of designs available at our online store, be it multi layered mala for a royal look, traditional pearls mala, ivory beaded mala, mala with drops, and much more in a variety of colours to choose from.
Apart from these, you can opt for other men's jewellery pieces like Sehra, Sarpech, and much more as per unique style. Be the best-dressed gentleman at every occasion and take on the world!
Whether it's for wedding, festivals, family gatherings, or any other special occasion, we're eager to cater to your needs.

FAQs on the Jewellery

Is it OK for men to wear jewellery?

Yes, it is perfectly normal for men to adorn jewellery, be it a classic brooch or a men's sarpanch. Such small details can boost an outfit and define your essence.

What jewellery do men wear most?

When it comes to men's jewellery, cufflinks and brooches are widely worn jewellery by men.

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How many jewelleries should a man wear?

It depends on your style quotient and occasion, if you are a groom adding a brooch, sehra and mala are quite ok. But for a formal occasion, just a brooch can do wonders.