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A kurta is more than just an outfit; it's a sartorial echo of tradition that resonates with the rhythm of every man's cultural heartbeat, a staple that stands at the crossroads of ceremonial grandeur and everyday grace. Immerse in the rich tapestry of Indian tradition with Tasva's curated selection of kurta sets for men. Shop kurta set for men online in India with Tasva, where the legacy of classic attire meets the pulse of contemporary fashion.

Our collection, a symphony of rich fabrics and vibrant palettes, invites you to explore a world where each kurta pajama set narrates a tale of splendor. Designed with a keen eye for detail and a deep respect for our heritage, Tasva’s range promises not just a garment but a masterpiece that complements the modern man’s diverse roles and occasions. Elevate your wardrobe with our exclusive sets of stylish kurta for men, each piece a blend of comfort, luxury, and unmatched style, perfect for making a statement that’s both refined and resonant. 


Different Types of Men's Kurta Set

Delve into Tasva's diverse range of kurta pajamas for men, where every thread weaves a story of elegance — from the regal charm of our Jacquard sets to the tactile allure of our textured ensembles, each kurta set is a testament to the versatility of this timeless garment. 

Jacquard Kurta Set

Experience the opulence with our jacquard kurta sets, whether you are looking for an occasion-centric one or kurta pajama for wedding, this range serves as the best. Perfect for adding a touch of royal allure to your look, this set, like the Yellow All Over Jacquard Kurta, is a staple for ceremonies where making an impression is key. 

Textured Kurta Set

For those who favour subtlety, our textured kurta sets are a testament to fine craftsmanship that radiates a vintage vibe. The subtle interplay of textures adds depth to your attire, as seen in the Yellow Ochre Kurta Set with Embroidery Details thus making you the centre of attention. 

Embroidery Kurta Set

The quintessential choice for Indian festivities, our embroidered kurta sets boast intricate patterns and detailed stitch work thus making every occasion you wear it to a gala celebration. Don’t forget to check out our Ivory All Over Resham Embroidered Kurta Set that is sure to sweep you off your feet. 

Men's Kurtas Set for Every Occasion:

Celebrate life's moments in a Tasva’s curation of kurta pajamas for men that are meticulously crafted for every calendar event. From the festive glitter to the sanctity of wedding vows or the casual ease of daily wear to the spirited flair of party nights, you can find a range of stylish kurta for men, all in one place. 

Kurta Set for Festivities

Light up any festival with vibrant hues and exquisite embellishments of our elaborate range of kurta pajama sets for men. Our festive kurta sets, such as the Light Green All Over Butti Embroidered Kurta, are designed to match the joy of every celebration making it a must-have. 

Kurta Set for Wedding

Tasva's curation of wedding kurta for men has set the bar high with its timelessness. Pieces like the classic Ivory Kurta Set in Woven Zari Jacquard are designed to complement your special moments with sophistication. 

Casual Wear Kurta Set

For a laid-back yet stylish look, opt for our casual wear kurta sets. The Classic Cotton Kurta Set is a fine example of understated elegance that can paint the town red with sophistication. 

Party Wear Kurta Set

Our party-wear kurta sets merge contemporary trends with festive charm. The Wine Kurta Set with Embroidery Details is a surefire way to turn heads. 

Styling Tips For Kurta Pajama for Men

Master the art of kurta styling with Tasva's expert tips. Be it a simple kurta set or a marriage kurta, understanding the finesse of the fabric you choose, the perfect fit, and the symphony of colour coordination is pivotal. These aspects make or break a look!  

Choosing the Right Fabric

In the world of kurta pajamas, a piece of fabric is a canvas where style meets comfort. Tasva's guiding philosophy is to handpick fabrics that not only create an impression but also embrace you with comfort. Opt for our airy cotton kurtas for sunlit garden soirees or select from our line of sumptuous silk for the moonlit gala. Each fabric is chosen to ensure that it resonates with the occasion's mood, keeping you comfortable and stylish from dawn to dusk. 

Kurta Length and Fit

The silhouette of a kurta is paramount in defining your overall aesthetic. Tasva's collection pays meticulous attention to kurta lengths, ensuring they enhance your natural stature. Our Yellow Floral Jacquard Kurta Set is meticulously tailored to strike the perfect balance between tradition and modernity, giving you a look that's both timeless and contemporary. 

Colour Coordination & Combination

Colour is the language of style that speaks without words. Tasva’s palette is thoughtfully curated to include shades that complement the Indian skin tone and resonate with the vibrancy of our festivities. For a tranquil yet elegant appearance, our Blue Cotton Jacquard Kurta Set with Embroidery Details is the embodiment of poise, making it an impeccable choice for day events and adding a splash of calm to the celebratory hues. 

Kurta Set With Accessories

Elevate your traditional look with a stylish kurta for men from Tasva and perfect it with all the accents. Be it the sophisticated touch of a handcrafted brooch, the traditional elegance of a pair of mojaris, or the subtle sophistication of a finely chosen pocket square, you can find it all here. 

Brooch for Kurta

Enhance the charisma of your traditional attire for men with the exquisite selection of brooches from Tasva. These ornamental jewels, like the shimmering crystal-encrusted brooch, are designed not just to fasten, but to bestow your kurta pajamas with a statement of luxury. Whether pinned to a simple cotton ensemble or a lavish silk kurta, a Tasva brooch transforms your look into one of regal distinction. 

Mojari For Men

Step into the realm of classic elegance with Tasva’s collection of Mojaris. Meticulously crafted with opulent fabrics, our Grey Brocade Mojari is a testament to refined taste. These traditional footwear options are the perfect companions to your kurta, imbuing every stride with an air of nobility and grace that’s rooted in our rich cultural heritage. 

Pocket Square for Kurta

Infuse a final touch of sophistication into your ensemble with Tasva’s pocket squares. Our Maroon Pocket Square, edged with intricate embroidery, is more than a mere accessory; it’s a splash of vibrancy that compliments your outfit. Whether tucked into the breast pocket of a party wear kurta or paired with a kurta for a wedding function, it serves as a subtle nod to the art of dressing well. 

Trending Style & Design for Kurta Set in 2024

As we step into 2024, the fashion terrain is dominated by a bold and refreshing palette where traditional designs meet avant-garde aesthetics. Tasva is at the forefront, championing this evolution with kurta pajamas for men that are a nod to the heritage we hold dear, while boldly embracing modernity. This year's trending styles are characterized by audacious patterns that make a statement and pastel hues that offer a soft, modern sophistication. A prime example of this trend is Tasva's Pink All Over Floral Printed Kurta Set, which encapsulates the essence of contemporary chic while maintaining the classic poise of traditional wear. This ensemble is tailored for the man who is unafraid to blend the vibrancy of modern fashion with the soul of classic design, making it a pinnacle choice for 2024's wardrobe essentials. 

Why Choose Tasva for Kurta Set For Men

Tasva is your go-to destination for kurta for men that speak volumes of elegance and style. Our range of kurta sets for men is meticulously crafted to meet the highest standards of quality and fashion. Whether it's the best kurta pajama for a wedding or a kurta for any other occasion, Tasva stands out for its exclusive designs, premium fabrics, and exceptional fit. With Tasva, dress in the essence of cultural heritage with finesse.

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FAQs on the Shop Kurta Set For Men Online In India

What pants should I wear with a kurta?

Kurtas can never lose their charm and look best when paired with simple pyjamas. However, options such as dhoti pants, churidar pants and aligarhi pants also pair well with kurtas. We recommend choosing a kurta set that includes the perfect bottom wear for a kurta.

What is an ideal kurta fit for men?

A perfect kurta should be around 2 inches below the knee, and its sleeves should not be too short or long.

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What are the best materials for Kurtis?

You can opt for any of the fabrics based on your comfort and choice. Usually kurtas are available in materials like cotton crepe, georgette, silk, brocade, rayon and more.

How many metres of cloth is required for a kurta?

A short kurta requires approximately 2.25 Metres while a long kurta may require 3.5 metres of fabric.

What accessories can be added on a kurta set?

You can sport a brooch, and an elegant watch along with a traditional mojaris on a kurta set for a perfect ethnic look.