Pocket Squares

Pocket Squares

Pocket squares are sartorial masterpieces that can seamlessly enhance the elegance of your attire. In the world of men’s fashion, these tiny accessories hold great significance, adding a touch of sophistication and individuality to a suit or jacket. Once dyed red for decorative purposes or scented with perfume to keep away the odours, this accessory has now evolved into a statement piece that helps a gentleman showcase his unique style and elevate his fashion game effortlessly. They come in a variety of materials, including silk, linen, and cotton, and are versatile in terms of complementing different styles and occasions. Silk pocket squares exude elegance, whereas linen ones have a more casual vibe. At Tasva, we admire the mere ability of this accessory to seamlessly amp up your look. This is why we bring you an extensive range of pocket squares flaunting various prints, colours, and embroidery that are sure to leave lasting impressions every time.  

Styling Wedding Outfits with Pocket Squares

Pocket squares are hands-down the easiest accessories to style, as they offer a plethora of folding options that suit various occasions and outfits. Let’s discuss a few ways you can fold and style a pocket square effortlessly.

The Charm of Sophistication:

Events boasting a classic and formal vibe demand a sophisticated look that can turn heads. For such events, you can choose one from the straight fold, presidential fold, or one-point fold. These neat and symmetrical folds of a pocket square blend in with traditional suits like Bandhgalas and Bundis, creating a polished look appropriate for weddings and formal events.

The Casual Affair: 

For your best friend’s wedding, you can count on a more casual look, for which you can give your pocket square a puff fold or diagonal fold, both of which will make you stand out from the crowd. These styles look great with linen pocket squares, providing a lighter and breezier feel for spring or summer weddings.

The Art of Contrast and Match:

Regardless of the folds you choose, there is always room to experiment with contrasting colours and patterns. For example, a brocade pocket square can perfectly add to the the opulence of a solid Bandhgala suit, making it appear truly captivating. You can also pair your heavily embellished ivory sherwani with our plain Light Olive-Ivory Reversible Pocket Square to add a dash of elegance to your luxurious attire. 

Different Outfits to Style with Pocket Squares

Wedding celebrations are the perfect occasions to show off your impeccable fashion taste; pocket squares only serve as a source to turn the spotlight on you. If you are wondering about how, you would enhance the look of your traditional wedding outfits using pocket squares, keep reading and uncover tips that are sure to add to the oomph of your attire. 


A classic Bandhgala suit features a structured and sophisticated silhouette, making the pocket square an elegant addition to the attire. For a formal occasion, you can always pair your bandhgala with a contrasting, embroidered pocket square that adds flair to the monochromatic suit. Simply fold the accessory in a presidential fold to maintain the sophisticated vibe. However, if you wish to don the monochromatic look, fold a matching pocket square in a three-point fold, thus creating a focal point for the outfit effortlessly. 


An Achkan is a regal ensemble that is destined to make you the showstopper at the wedding ceremony. Creating a winged puff fold on a silk pocket square and placing it on your heavily embellished Achkan can effortlessly create a statement without overwhelming the outfit. 

Kurta & Bundi Set

A kurta and bundi set is a perfect pick to slay a casual vibe for the pre-wedding ceremonies. Pairing this elegant set with designer pocket squares can be a deal-breaker. You can add a visually appealing element by folding a printed or embroidered pocket square in a casual puff fold and placing it over your bundi jacket. On the contrary, you can also play around with colours with contrasting pocket squares, infusing a festive vibe into your elegant attire. 

Care and Maintenance of Pocket Squares

As mentioned earlier, pocket squares are tiny but significant accessories in a man’s fashionable wardrobe. To maintain their quality, you must take utmost care in terms of washing, ironing, and storing them. Here are a few tips that will come in handy for the quality maintenance of these accessories: 

  • Washing:

Wash coloured and patterned linen pocket squares in cool water (15-30 setting), separating them from white ones to prevent staining. Opt for a warmer temperature for white pocket squares, by thoroughly reading the washing machine's manual for detailed instructions. Alternatively, for the silk fabrics, you can hand-wash your pocket squares using lukewarm water and a small amount of detergent. After this, you can gently press the accessory with a towel and dry it away from direct sunlight to preserve the colour. 

  • Ironing: 

Your linen pocket squares can crease easily, so using a higher temperature of iron can do the job. However, for silk pocket squares, you ought to be extra careful. Firstly, you must avoid using an iron with a high temperature for these accessories. Secondly, before using an iron over the silk pocket square, you must place a thin cloth over it to avoid direct contact between the two. 

  • Storing:

There are various ways to store your pocket squares efficiently, some of which are making use of drawer dividers, boxes or cases, hanging racks, and vacuum-sealed bags. All of these methods can help you organise and store your classics with minimal effort. 

Latest Trends in Pocket Square for Men in 2024

Pocket squares for men are key fashion elements that can easily amp up your style quotient while adding a flair of sophistication to your ensemble. Regardless of whether you are wearing a Bandhgala suit, a sherwani, or an Achkan, being updated with pocket square trends can make it easier for you to make a style statement like never before. For an entrance that steals hearts, it would be safe to count on the linen and silk pocket squares from Tasva. Additionally, brocade and floral designs are in vogue and take centre stage too. 

Why to Choose "Tasva" for Pocket Square for Suits

Tasva is your one-stop destination to find some of the most alluring designer pocket squares that will amp up your elegance magnanimously. From brocade pocket squares to simple, vibrant-coloured ones, we have got you covered with everything trendsetting. Wait no more and shop for stylish pocket squares from Tasva now. 

FAQs on the Pocket Squares

Can a Pocket Square be paired with a traditional dress for men?

Pocket squares are adaptable accessories that can efficiently go with both Western suits and traditional attire for men. They can be paired with wedding sherwanis, achkans and jackets.

What is the ideal size of a Pocket Square?

Pocket squares can vary from just under 10 × 10 inches to about 17 x 17 inches.

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Can your pocket square match your shirt?

There's no hard-and-fast law for picking a pocket square. It should merely go well with your attire, be it a shirt and tie, not always match them.

How far should a pocket square stick out?

A pocket square can stick out about one inch

Can you wear a pocket square without a tie?

Yes, you can wear a pocket square without a tie as it does the same job as a ties. It adds a smart look to any attire and goes well with all outfits.

Do pocket squares serve any purpose?

Pocket squares are mostly used for style. They do not serve any purpose other than smartening up your suit or ethnic wear.