Traditional Dresses For Men

Tradition, in its true essence, knows no bounds and embraces all with equal splendour. It is this inclusive spirit that Tasva celebrates, ushering in a renaissance of traditional dress for men in India. Here, you don't just shop; you embark on a journey through the rich tapestry of India's cultural heritage. Each click unfurls a spectrum of styles, from the vivacious colours of a classic Men’s Kurta Set to the dignified sophistication of a Sherwani. Tasva’s collection is not just a showcase of garments but a vibrant canvas that exhibits the diverse artistry of Indian ethnic wear. These pieces hold more than just aesthetic value; they carry the cultural narratives and heartfelt stories of men across the nation, stitched into every fibre, waiting to be worn and told anew.  

Explore Our Latest Collection For Men's Ethnic Wear

Immerse yourself in the elegance of tradition with Tasva's latest collection of Indian dresses for men. Here, every thread is spun with care, and every pattern tells a story, bringing to life attires that are not just garments but legacies. From the intricate embroidery of our sherwanis to the rich texture of our bandhgalas, each piece in our collection is a tribute to the timeless beauty of Indian craftsmanship. 

Kurta Set For Men

Explore the interplay of tradition and modernity with Tasva's Kurta Sets, where each fabric is a whisper of the past, reimagined through contemporary design. The Pink Jacquard Kurta Set, with its subtle sheen and modern cut, is a standout piece, marrying the ease of classic comfort with the flair of modern trends. Ideal for the discerning man who values both heritage and innovation, these sets are a testament to the versatility and enduring style of Indian ethnic wear. 

Bandhgala For Men

Our Bandhgala collection embodies the zenith of sophistication. The Waffled Textured Bandhgala, in particular, speaks to the man who carries himself with an air of confidence and grace. Its structured silhouette and textured fabric command respect, offering a modern update to a garment steeped in regal history. The Tasva Bandhgala is more than just an attire—it's a symbol of stature, designed for the contemporary man who walks in the legacy of kings. 

Sherwani for Men

On the most memorable day, let Tasva's Sherwanis be your armour of elegance. Our Red Silk Brocade Sherwani is a masterpiece of sartorial art, reflecting the grandeur and charm of Indian weddings. Crafted from the finest fabrics and adorned with intricate details, these Sherwanis are designed to make any groom the focal point of his wedding, embodying the very essence of ceremonial splendour. 

Men's Achkan

The Achkan is a narrative of elegance, each button and seam tell a story of unmatched excellence. Tasva’s range includes the Classic Achkan with Tasva Buttons, a garment that whispers tales of nobility and grace. With its sleek lines and impeccable fit, the Achkan is the modern man's link to a storied past, offering a garment that is both timeless and distinctly personal. This is where the legacy of royal attire meets the ease of contemporary wear, crafted for the man who dresses not just for the occasion, but for the ages. 

Traditional Wear For Men By Every Occasion

Tasva offers a diverse palette of traditional wear for men for every cherished moment. Whether it's the vibrant joy of a wedding, the intimate celebration of a Sangeet, or the golden radiance of a Haldi ceremony, our range ensures you are always dressed to the nines. Embrace the spirit of each occasion with attire that blends cultural richness with contemporary finesse. 

Wedding Wear For Men

Begin your matrimonial odyssey in regal fashion with Tasva's wedding wear. Our collection is meticulously designed with traditional motifs and contemporary silhouettes, ensuring you stand out as the groom of the hour. Tasva takes pride in its intricate Zari work and sumptuous fabrics, like those seen in our Ivory Embroidered Bandhgala, which promises to be a beacon of tradition as you step into a new chapter. 

Sangeet Outfit For Men

Set the stage alight with Tasva's Sangeet Outfits , exquisitely tailored for the celebratory dance. Our garments, like the Rust All Over Floral Printed Kurta Set, blend festive patterns with a comfortable fit, ensuring you remain the spirited heart of the celebration. Revel in designs that are as expressive and dynamic as the Sangeet itself. 

Reception Dress For Groom

At Tasva, we understand that a reception is your moment to shine. Our reception dresses, exemplified by the classic elegance of the Navy Tanchoi Brocade Sherwani, are crafted to make a bold statement. With a focus on luxe fabrics and distinguished detailing, each piece is a homage to the groom's refined tastes. 

Haldi Dress For Groom

The Haldi ceremony is a splash of colours and joy, and Tasva's attire for this event, such as the Yellow Ochre Kurta Set with Embroidery Details, is crafted to complement this vibrancy. Our selection, imbued with auspicious colours and crafted with light, breathable fabrics, ensures you partake in this pre-wedding ritual with both comfort and style. 

Engagement Dress For Men

Seal your betrothal with Tasva's range of ethnic dresses for men in the engagement collection, where each piece, like our Peach All Over Embroidered Sherwani, is a vow in itself. With attention to detail and a commitment to excellence, Tasva's engagement attire brings together the grandeur of traditional design and the finesse of modern tailoring to start your journey to the altar in impeccable style. 

Guide To Select The Right Ethnic Wear For Groom

Selecting the right ethnic wear for the groom is pivotal. One must consider everything ranging from the color to the fit and more to blend in seamlessly with the dreamy decor. Selecting an outfit that matches the minute details of the big day while wrapping you in the cultural elegance and timelessness of the tradition makes the choice "perfect". At Tasva meet perfection in any ensemble you pick! 

Experiment with Traditional Dress For Men with Accessories:

Elevate the art of traditional dressing with Tasva’s curated selection of accessories that promise to infuse personality into every ensemble. From the stately elegance of handcrafted mojaris that resonate with the beats of heritage to the refined glint of brooches that speak of an era of regal charm, each accessory is chosen to complement and enhance the richness of traditional Indian attire.  

Pair Outfits with Men's Footwear

The right pair of footwear, like Ivory Brocade with Leather Detail Mojari, can enhance a traditional outfit, grounding your look in cultural roots while ensuring every step is taken in comfort and style. 

Style the Outfit with Jewellery

Jewellery, such as a Three-Layered Ivory Beaded Mala, can add a layer of sophistication to men's ethnic wear, providing an aura of opulence. 

Accessorise with a Brooch Pin for Men

A Brooch Pin, like the Gold Crystal Studded Brooch, is a timeless accessory that can bring a whole ensemble together, adding an accent of opulence to the groom's attire. 

Trending Style & Design of Traditional Dresses for Men in 2024

As we look to 2024, the trend in traditional dresses for men leans towards a fusion of classic designs with a hint of modern flair. Expect to see a rise in custom-tailored fits, unique fabric combinations, and bold accessory choices that make ethnic wear for men a statement of personal style. 

Why Choose Tasva for Ethnic Dress for Men Online

Tasva is your destination for an ethnic dress that speaks volumes of elegance and heritage. With an array of handpicked styles, from the classic sherwani to the modern bandhgala, Tasva offers a bespoke online shopping experience that ensures you find the perfect fit for your cultural narrative and style preferences.

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FAQs on the Traditional Dresses For Men

What comes under men's ethnic wear?

There are a lot of options available on Tasva when it comes to men's ethnic wear. There is Kurta Churidar, Kurta set with Bundi, then you have elegant Sherwani, Achkan Sherwani, Bandhgala, Indo Western Outfits, and much more to amp up your ethnic game.

What can I wear on Diwali?

Diwali calls for a grand celebration, there are a myriad of options available for men to wear on Diwali. Consider wearing the traditional kurta pyjama set or give it an Indo-Western look by adding a colour coordinated jacket. You can also opt for a bandhgala and achkan to create a regal look at the festival.

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Do I need to wear a shirt under the bandhgala?

Yes, if you want to enjoy festivities comfortably then do wear a shirt. You can choose may be white or any other colour as it won't be visible under bandhgala but will offer a comfy and easiness.