Sherwanis & Achkans

Sherwanis & Achkans

There are no better suited options for wedding or festive occasions than a traditional sherwani or achkans for men.
These classic pieces are available in various fabrics, colours and styles to suit the occasion. Take a look at the dazzling collection of ethnic wear options for men online at Tasva. From gold-patterned fabrics on achkans to embellished sherwanis, we have a wide selection for you to choose from.

Dressing for your own wedding? We understand that you want to put your best foot forward with the perfect outfits that cover all your wedding functions. Want to bring out your inner sartorialist for the festive season? You can dabble with a range of traditional menswear options including sherwanis and achkans.
Take a cue from the various looks we have put together on Tasva and find the perfect option for you. For all of you who insist on comfort reigning supreme when you pick your look, we recommend you review the fabric composition on our website and pick the right outfit. Classic achkans in pure silk fabrics are a great option for anyone seeking comfort and style. Intricately embroidered sherwanis in muted tones of gold can be paired with gemstone accessories for added style.

Sherwanis are Classics that Never Go Out of Style
Are you looking for sherwanis to wear during the day? We recommend that you choose sherwani colours that add radiance to your overall look, probably prints that are vibrant too. On the other hand, pick embellished sherwanis for a regal evening look. Brocade mojaris, gemstone encrusted brooches are great add-ons. Find exquisite groom wear options online at Tasva and find outfits in the most vibrant hues, motifs that are inspired by vintage fashion and embellishments that showcase the intricacies of craftsmanship.

Ace the Classic Achkan Look with the Right Accessories
Keeping up with the latest trends in wedding wear can be tough. Every season the tones of the outfits change and the print patterns evolve over time. If you want to indulge in silhouettes and styles that are in-trend and suit your personality, browse our online store and consider your options among the trendy achkans. You can choose to wear it unbuttoned with a kurta underneath. We have a range of pure silk embellished achkans that feature Aari embroidery and present a number of opportunities for pairing with trousers and brocade mojaris.

Don’t Forget Accessories!
Interesting details to add to your sherwani or achkan include brooches, malas, sarpeches and pocket squares or safas. From multiple strands of malas to mojaris that best complement your attire, you can curate diverse looks for festive occasions. We encourage you to keep the silhouettes and colour palettes distinctly different from each other when you are putting together a wedding or a festive wardrobe.

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FAQs on the Sherwanis & Achkans

What is the difference between a sherwani and an achkan?

The main difference between these two outfits are the length of the garment, fabric used and the flare from the waist. Sherwanis are longer and flared from the waist onwards. Achkans are shorter and they are usually fitted.

What do you wear under your sherwani?

You can choose from a comfortable kurta that pairs well with your sherwani colour. Alternatively, you can wear a vest or a tee based on the sherwani neck pattern. We also recommend accessorising your sherwani look with pocket squares or brooches.

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Are achkans a good option for the festive season?

Achkans are a popular choice owing to their easy styling, they are paired perfectly with fitted pants and trendy shades for a bright day. Style with statement brooches instead of buttons and you have an achkan that adds embellished glitz.