Wedding Dresses For Men

As the wedding bells chime, every groom deserves to look his regal best. At Tasva, we ensure that every man walks down the aisle or takes the ritualistic pheras in a style that speaks volumes of his persona while perfectly in tune with Indian heritage. Discover the epitome of elegance and tradition with Tasva’s exclusive collection of Indian wedding dresses for men. 

Types of Wedding Dress for Men

Whether you envision a wedding in traditional rituals or a contemporary celebration, our wedding attires are designed to complement every style and preference. 

Printed Wedding Outfit For Men

For the man who dares to don a touch of whimsy, our printed wedding dresses for men are a perfect choice. From the subtlety of pastel florals to the vibrancy of ethnic motifs, each piece is a canvas that reflects your personality. Get ready to stand out in our Mint Jacquard Bandhgala or make a stylish statement with the All-Over Printed Kurta Bundi Set and set the bar high this wedding season. 

Textured Wedding Outfit For Men

Texture adds a tangible charm to any attire, and Tasva’s textured wedding dresses for men are a class apart. Indulge in the richness of an Orange Textured Kurta Set or the understated sophistication of a Beige Quilted Sherwani, each designed to give you a distinguished look. 

Embroidery Wedding Outfit For Men

Embroidery is not just detail; it’s a narrative of craftsmanship. Our meticulously embroidered men’s wedding dresses, like the Ivory Resham Embroidered Achkan and the Ivory Brocade Zardozi Embroidered Sherwani, boast traditional techniques with a modern twist, perfect for your momentous occasion. 

Explore Tasva Marriage Dress For Men

Crafting memories that last a lifetime, our wedding ensembles are designed to make you the cynosure of all eyes. 

Wedding Kurta

The wedding kurtas from Tasva, ranging from the Navy Draped Kurta Set to the Light Pink Schiffli Kurta Set, are all about grace and poise. These pieces are perfect for ceremonies ranging from mehendi to sangeet thus creating an enchanting vibe. 

Wedding Sherwani

Our wedding sherwanis are a testament to excellence in every way. Immerse yourself in the luxury of our Red Tanchoi Brocade Sherwani or the Ivory All Over Textured Sherwani and embrace the regality that comes with it. 

Wedding Bandhgala

Tasva’s wedding suits for men like the teal-printed Bandhgala suit are the pinnacle of tailored sophistication. They are an ideal choice for the groom with a penchant for sleek cuts and impeccable fits. 

Wedding Achkan

Embrace timeless elegance with Tasva’s wedding achkans. The Beige Dori Embroidered Achkan is a garment that will ensure you look nothing short of royal. 

Wedding Accessories for Men

No look is complete without the right wedding accessories. To amp up your look with Tasva’s wedding collection for men, you can include traditional mojaris, turbans, brooches, and more that add to the attire’s class and sophistication. 

Engagement Dress for Groom

Make your engagement a memorable event with exclusive picks like the Mustard Mirror Work Kurta Set. A blend of contemporary design and traditional aesthetics this outfit is a scene stealer. Tasva’s engagement dress for men just fits in right for every groom-to-be out there with the correct proportion of aesthetics and traditional vibe. 

Style Guide To Wedding Wear For Men

Navigating the myriad of styles for your wedding can be overwhelming, but Tasva's comprehensive style guide ensures that you make a statement that is both personal and culturally resonant. 

Interpreting Dress Codes

Deciphering the wedding dress code is an art form. Whether the invite reads traditional, formal, or festive, Tasva helps you decode the nuances. A Six Layered Ivory Beaded Mala matches our classic Ivory Draped Kurta Set, while a 'Cocktail Attire' can be labeled perfect when the sleek Beige Bundi With Single Frogging Button is paired with our Gold Brocade With Square Motif Detail Mojari. 

Seasonal Wardrobe Choices

Align your wedding attire with the whims of the seasons. Summers call for lighter fabrics and pastel hues as seen in our Sky Blue Jacquard Kurta Set, while winters welcome the warmth of rich velvets and deep colours, perfectly exemplified by our Red Tanchoi Brocade Sherwani. 

Groomsmen Fashion

Your band of brothers deserves to look as dapper as you. Coordinate your groomsmen's fashion with complementary colours and styles from Tasva's collection. Consider the cohesive elegance of the Navy Draped Kurta Set for a synchronized ensemble that becomes the highlight of the occasion. 

Cultural Etiquette and Guidelines

Every culture has its sartorial code. Honor them with Tasva's range that pays homage to traditional wear while embracing modern cuts. The Beige Bundi With a Single Frogging Button is an excellent choice for a traditional ceremony. It is an attire that seamlessly blends traditional intricacies with modern design. 

Tips for Wedding Outfits for Men

Tailoring your wedding outfit to your body type is crucial. Tasva provides personalized suggestions to ensure that your wedding attire is flattering and comfortable. 

Tall and Slim Body Types

Enhance your stature with vertical lines and slim-fitted attire with Tasva’s curation of wedding clothes for men. The Black Single Kurta from Tasva elongates your frame while offering a sleek silhouette, perfect for the tall and slim. 

Athletic and Muscular Body Types

Showcase your physique in outfits that are tailored to fit well without being restrictive. Our Mustard Mirror Work Kurta Set is sure to accentuate a muscular build without compromising on comfort or style. 

Short and Stocky Body Types

Creating a streamlined look is key. Opt for monochromatic ensembles like the Beige Bundi With Single Frogging Button to give an uninterrupted line that elongates your appearance. 

Trending Style & Design for Men's Wedding Dress in 2024

Stay at the pinnacle of wedding fashion with Tasva's best wedding dresses for men which boast trending styles for 2024. This year, we are seeing a blend of traditional craftsmanship with a modern flair. Intricate embroidery, bold prints, and innovative cuts are in vogue, allowing for personal expression within the framework of tradition. The Ivory Brocade Zardozi Embroidered Sherwani to the Orange Textured Kurta Set are all standout pieces that encapsulate the year's trends, making them perfect for the contemporary groom who values both style and heritage.

Why Choose 'Tasva' For Wedding Dresses Online in India

Tasva is synonymous with luxury, tradition, and style. Our wedding dresses for men are crafted with utmost attention to detail, ensuring that your marriage outfit is as unique as your journey. With our seamless online experience, you can choose from the best wedding dresses, engagement attire, and marriage outfits for men to make your special day truly unforgettable. Trust Tasva for wedding wear that’s crafted to perfection, blending culture with contemporary trends for fashion-conscious grooms this season.

Whether it's the wedding clothes that resonate with the grandeur of Indian weddings or the marriage function dress for male guests that radiates elegance, Tasva’s clothing for men in the wedding collection is the destination for all your nuptial needs. Choose Tasva, where every stitch tells a story of love and every fabric echoes the promise of a lifetime. 

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FAQs on the Wedding Dresses For Men

What are the factors to consider while shopping for mens wedding wear?

It is recommended that the groom try to blend outfit options harmoniously with the bride’s style. The coordination of outfits ensures that you stand out as a well-suited couple. Accessories play an important role in enhancing your overall look. Keep up with the style trends and select your wedding wear outfits according to that.

What is appropriate for a man to wear to a wedding?

A sherwani is still a wonderful option, but there are a lot more choices available like achkans and bandhgala that are much in trend and provides instant masculine look

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Can I wear a bandhgala for my wedding?

Bandhgala is the latest wedding wear that gained popularity recently. Adorned with perfect accessories, and designs, Bandhgala makes an ideal pick for the groom at their wedding.

Can I add kamarbandh to my sherwani for my wedding?

Kamarbandh for men is a traditional accessory that provides an imposing royal look to the Indian groom. When worn with sherwani, it boosts the entire ensemble and gives a regal touch.