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Article: 7 Sherwanis for every Millennial Groom!

7 Sherwanis for every Millennial Groom!
Wedding Look

7 Sherwanis for every Millennial Groom!

Preparing for your D-Day? 2024 is all about flaunting your personal style with a fusion of traditional fabrics & modern trends. Here are 7 ideas that will help you choose your attire for the biggest day of your life.

In the realm of modern wedding fashion, the Millennial groom demands more than conventional attire; he craves sophistication, elegance, and a dash of flair.

Enter the enduring Sherwani, a symbol of timeless grace and a perfect match for the opulence of Indian weddings.

In this guide, we shall unveil some exquisite Sherwanis, tailored to elevate your wedding ensemble to new heights of refinement. So, if you're on the brink of tying the knot, allow us to illuminate your path toward sartorial splendour with these carefully curated selections.

Here are 7 Sherwani styles that you should consider if you are about to tie the knot soon:

1. The Faux Layered Embroidered Sherwani

The Faux Layered embroidered sherwani is a contemporary twist on the traditional Sherwani and features a longer silhouette, reminiscent of a trench coat. Designed with meticulous craftsmanship, this style with faux layering combines modernity with heritage, making it a perfect choice for the fashion-forward groom.

2. The Trendy Bandhgala Sherwani

The Bandhgala Sherwani in shades like red & golden is every minimalist’s masterpiece. The mandarin collar and minimalistic embellishments create an understated yet impactful look. Ideal for intimate weddings or classic big fat celebrations, this sherwani exudes sophistication.

3. Open Front Sherwani

An open front sherwani adds an interesting twist to the traditional sherwani, allowing the groom to showcase his fashion-forward sensibilities. If complemented with subtle embroidery, it can make a suitable choice for both daytime and evening ceremonies. Pair it with a light-hued safa for a touch of romance.

4. The Resham Sherwani

The Resham embroidery is a traditional technique that enhances the richness of the fabric. Wedding photographers especially love capturing grooms in light-coloured sherwanis with resham embroidery. The combination creates stunning visuals. Whether it’s outdoor shots or indoor ceremonies, the resham-embellished sherwani ensures the groom looks picture-perfect.

5. The Brocade Sherwani

For the avant-garde groom, a Brocade sherwani is a traditional yet bold choice. The fusion of tradition and contemporary design makes this sherwani a conversation starter. It combines heritage with modern aesthetics and is a great choice for those who are opting for a destination wedding, especially during winter - as this fabric tends to keep one warm.

6. The Linen Swarovski Sherwani

Want to experience sophistication in your style? Go for a Swarovski Linen sherwani, a pinnacle of elegance for the discerning groom. Adorned with Swarovski crystals in a chic geometric design, this sherwani is usually focused on gracing the collar and sleeves. It can harmonise seamlessly with a kurta, Aligarhi pants and timeless black loafers or mules- adding sharpness to your attire.

7. The Sequined Sherwani

Like some bling? Elevate your wedding day style with an exquisite Sequined sherwani. Crafted with intricate resham and aari work adorning sparkling sequined georgette fabric, this ensemble exudes a fun and festive vibe. You can complete the look with an ivory kurta and churidar set, paired with embroidered brocade moccasins for a regal, princely appearance that perfectly reflects your D-Day’s agenda!

To sum up, the sherwani transcends mere trendiness; it embodies a timeless elegance that aligns seamlessly with the discerning tastes of Millennial grooms. Whether embracing traditional monotone chikankari or venturing into the realm of prints, it's imperative to recognise that true sophistication is found in the intricate details.

Therefore, as you embark on your journey towards marital bliss, let your sherwani be not just a garment, but a reflection of your refined sensibilities and enduring style.

Explore Tasva’s collection to find your perfect sherwani for the big day!


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