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Sehras for Groom

Sehras for Groom

Buy Sehra for Groom Online in India at Tasva

What was once only a tradition is now a part of wedding fashion. A sehra for grooms is a traditional headdress that is worn during weddings. It is more like an ornamental veil covering the groom’s face while also adding a regal charm to the ensemble. Beyond its aesthetic allure, marriage sehras hold cultural significance and are said to ward off the evil eye. Predominantly worn in the northern parts of India, a groom’s wedding ensemble is incomplete without a sehra adorned over his pagdi or safa. With time, the designs of the sehra for grooms have transitioned to from incorporating real flowers to more contemporary elements like pearls and beads. Explore Tasva to find a well-crafted groom sehra online that not only suits your ensemble but adds to your style.

Embroidered centre flower with bead stringEmbroidered centre flower with bead string
Gold Embroidered Sehra With Golden Drop BeadsGold Embroidered Sehra With Golden Drop Beads
White Pearl String Minimalist SehraWhite Pearl String Minimalist Sehra
Gold Embroidered Centre Flower Sehra With Pearl StringGold Embroidered Centre Flower Sehra With Pearl String
Short Ivory Embroidered Sehra With Drop PearlsShort Ivory Embroidered Sehra With Drop Pearls
Golden Embroidered Sehra With Glass Drop BeadsGolden Embroidered Sehra With Glass Drop Beads
Red Embroidered Sehra With Glass Drop BeadsRed Embroidered Sehra With Glass Drop Beads
Sehra With Pink Glass DropsSehra With Pink Glass Drops
Sehra With Pink Glass Drops Sale price₹ 6,999
Sehra With Glass DropsSehra With Glass Drops
Sehra With Glass Drops Sale price₹ 5,499
Sehra With Glass Drops At EndsSehra With Glass Drops At Ends
Sehra With Glass Drops At Ends Sale price₹ 4,999
Embroidered Sehra With Drop BeadsEmbroidered Sehra With Drop Beads
Pearl String SehraPearl String Sehra
Pearl String Sehra Sale price₹ 2,499
Embroidered Band With Hanging Gold Glass Beads SehraEmbroidered Band With Hanging Gold Glass Beads Sehra
Gold Single Layered SehraGold Single Layered Sehra
Gold Single Layered Sehra Sale price₹ 2,499
Embroidered Flower Two Tone Beaded String SehraEmbroidered Flower Two Tone Beaded String Sehra
Embroidered Band With Pearl Beads Short Groom Sehra
Embroidered Band With Hanging Red  Glass Beads Groom Sehra

Types of Sehra for Wedding

Across cultures and with ever-evolving trends, several types of sehra for grooms have emerged, making it crucial for you to choose the one that best suits your tastes and complements your ensemble. Read more to discover the different types of marriage sehra options for grooms you can find on Tasva’s website.

Embroidered Sehra

If your sherwani features intricate embroidery, our embroidered sehra for grooms would be your best bet to complement the outfit’s aesthetic. Crafted with intricate needlework, this type of marriage sehra exudes timeless elegance, with each stitch telling a story of tradition and heritage. You can explore and select from options like our Embroidered Sehra with Drop Beads, Embroidered Band with Pearl Beads Short Groom Sehra, and more based on the colour and the embroidery on your sherwani

Pearl Sehra String

Often seen in South Indian and Maharashtrian weddings, the pearl sehra string features a beautiful display of timeless pearls which add a touch of opulence to the groom’s attire. If you are on the quest for one yourself, we at Tasva have your back with our Pearl String Sehra for grooms that adds to the charm of your ensemble on the D-Day.

Flower-beaded Sehra

A floral sehra has always been a charming addition to the groom’s wedding ensemble. The only difference between the ones from bygone eras and today’s sehra for groom lies in the design. Earlier, strings of real flowers were used to make these marriage sehras and now there are a plethora of contemporary floral designs curated using different stones and other materials. Our Embroidered Flower Two Tone Beaded String Sehra stands out with its distinguished appeal, making it a sehra you would love to add to your wedding ensemble.

How to Choose the Perfect Sehra for Your Wedding

Accessorising a Sehra can be a tricky affair due to its statement appearance. Though a sehra for groom can elevate the opulence of the ensemble, picking the right one remains paramount. When confused about where to start, consider these factors to make a choice you won’t regret.

  • Aesthetics of the Wedding Ensemble:

Select a sehra for groom that complements the colour, fabric, and style of the attire. Embroidered sehras, for instance, look perfect with a heavily embroidered traditional sherwani. A sherwani suit featuring a modern colour palette, such as pastels, would best go with a minimalist yet elegant pearl sehra string.

  • Wedding Theme: 

Align the marriage sehra with the wedding's overall theme. You can choose a flower-beaded sehra for a garden or outdoor wedding, whereas an embroidered sehra will make you stand out for a luxurious or traditional-themed event.

  • Personal Preferences:

As a groom, you must ensure that your outfit reflects your personal style. The same should be the case with your marriage sehra. If you prefer subtle elegance, a pearl sehra string may be a better fit, whereas if you value intricate detailing, you might want to choose an embroidered one.

  • Comfort and Practicality:

Make sure that your marriage sehra is comfortable to wear throughout the rituals and does not restrict movement or cause discomfort. Based on your comfort, you can also get one stitched to your safa.

Trending Designs & Styles of Sehra for Marriage

As a fashion-forward groom, you would like to ensure that every photo in the album speaks highly of your style. This requires you to pick a design that walks with the trend and classily complements your attire. Depending on the aesthetics of the outfit you choose to wear on your big day, you can choose a marriage sehra ranging from embroidered ones to beaded ones. If you are going for muted tones, picking a sehra with colourful beads would be the perfect way to add colour to your attire. Regardless of what you choose, we at Tasva have got you covered with a range that will make your decision-making a piece of cake.

Why Choose Tasva for Royal Sehra for Groom

With a promise of delivering the sehra of your dreams to promising uniqueness and quality, we at Tasva strive towards making you a “groom of the season”. Regardless of whether you want an intricately embroidered one or would love a minimal pearl string sehra, we have it all. So, wait no longer to shop from our enticing collection and look your best on the wedding day.


What types of sehra are available for grooms at Tasva?

Tasva offers a variety of sehra types for grooms, including embroidered sehras, pearl sehra strings, and flower-beaded sehras.

How do I choose the perfect sehra for my wedding?

When selecting a sehra, consider the aesthetics of your wedding ensemble, the wedding theme, your personal preferences, and the comfort and practicality of the sehra. Choose a sehra that complements the color, fabric, and style of your attire.

How can I ensure my sehra matches the theme of my wedding? 

To ensure your sehra matches the wedding theme, consider the overall setting and theme of your wedding when selecting your sehra for wedding.

Can accessories be paired with wedding safa?

Yes, accessories can be paired with a wedding safa to enhance the groom's overall look. Accessories like sarpech, jewellery and precious stones can be paired with a wedding safa to enhance its look.

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