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Article: Pairing Tasva Kurta Sets with the Perfect Accessories

Pairing Tasva Kurta Sets with the Perfect Accessories

Pairing Tasva Kurta Sets with the Perfect Accessories

With Eid just around the corner, it is time to gear up for the festivities and prepare yourself for one of the biggest celebrations of the year. Marking the end of Ramadan and the beginning of Shawwal, Eid-Ul Fitr is one of the most important festivals for the Islamic community, making it crucial for everyone to do traditional attire that not only speaks volumes about their style but also blends with a festive vibe. For men, buying a stylish kurta pajama for Eid might be relatively easy, but styling one might become overwhelming quite easily. Fret not, as we are here to help you style your look, ensuring that you shine in your designer kurta pajama for Eid. But before we get to styling your attire, let’s begin with the basics of picking the best Eid kurta.

Discover the Art of Choosing the Best Kurta Pajama for Eid

Eid-Ul Fitr is the perfect occasion to enjoy the festive vibe along with showcasing your impeccable fashion sense with a thoughtfully chosen Eid kurta pajama. Let’s master the art of choosing a men’s kurta set that reflects your style and makes you stand out effortlessly. 

Find the Perfect Fabric:

 A well-picked men’s kurta for Eid would be one that is made with comfortable and breathable materials. You can select an Eid kurta pajama made of fabrics like cotton, linen, or silk. 

Choose the Best Colour:

During Eid, some people tend to wear vibrant hues of blue, green, purple, and yellow. The rest, on the other hand, opt for a stylish kurta pajama for Eid in colours like black, white, ivory and beige. You can choose your favourite based on your personal preferences. 

 Select Your Best Fit:

When buying a unique Eid kurta style, ensure that the silhouette you choose fits you well, promising seamless movement and comfort for the day-long celebration.

 Look for Unique Embellishments:

When exploring Eid kurta pajamas, look for embellishments that enhance your charm. You can opt for sequin kurtas, thread-embroidered kurtas, mirror-work kurtas, and more. 

Styling Your Tasva Kurta Sets with Men’s Accessories  

Now that you know how to choose the best kurta pajama for Eid, it is time to nail the art of styling a kurta set effortlessly. 

Create a Monochrome Look

A Man Wearing Black Shirt Style Kurta Set
Men Black Shirt Style Kurta Set 
Your desire to stand out is destined to lead you towards investing in our Black Shirt Style Kurta Set with Pocket Detail. Made to excellence, this kurta set harmonises traditional charm with modern flair. Flaunting a band collar, a fully opened front button placket, and folded sleeves, this outfit offers you an opportunity to elevate your style quotient with men’s accessories. Complement your look with our Classic Black Leather Shoes for a captivating monochrome look that draws attention everywhere you go.

Embrace Minimalism

A Man Wearing White Embroidered Kurta Set
Resham Embroidered Kurta Set for Men

Minimalism is all about wearing a subtle, beautifully crafted Eid special kurta design and still leaving lasting impressions everywhere you go. Our Resham Embroidered Kurta Set is an elegant masterpiece flaunting a subtle colour palette, premium-quality fabric, and intricate Resham embroidery over the neck and front placket, making it a must-have in your wardrobe. Eid shoes for men as enticing as our tan Leather Loafers will help you create a look that makes everyone around you feel awe-inspired by your fashion choices. 

Add Statement Jewellery

A Man Wearing Maroon Kurta Set
Maroon Kurta with Collar and Placket Embroidery
Our maroon Kurta with Collar and Placket Embroidery is the perfect choice to give you a look that seamlessly makes you the showstopper of your celebratory get-together. Its stunning colour, classic silhouette, and intricate embroidery crafted over the collar and front placket make it a standout piece you would love to wear. You can highlight its captivating appeal with men’s jewellery such as our Ivory Quadrant Crystal Pearl Brooch and a metal watch to create a look that is sure to get you showered with compliments. 

Make the Right Choice of Footwear

Brown Leather Shoes for Men
Classic Brown Leather Shoes for Men
Dress up in our Festive Jacquard Kurta Set for the special occasion and instantly light up the room with panache. Flaunting a distinctive combination of colours and textures, this kurta set is a modern man’s solution aiming at perfection. Paired with our tan Classic Leather Shoes, this outfit is sure to make you stand out from the crowd. 

Add Shine to Your Ensemble

A Man Wearing Navy Kurta Set
Navy Kurta Set with Drape Panels
If you are invited to a lavish celebratory party, you will want to invest in a stylish kurta pajama for Eid that not only gives you a jaw-dropping look but also offers you unmatched comfort for an all-day celebration. For a grand celebration, you can opt for our Navy Kurta Set with Drape Panels in Front and pair it with the Shiny Black Leather Loafers to make a scene-stealing entrance like never before.
We hope you find your perfect Eid kurta pajama set at Tasva. You can explore several more kurta sets on our website and get ready to celebrate Eid in style.  

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