Weddings have now become more than a celebration of love—they are a showcase of the groom's personal style and the latest men's wedding fashion trends. Today the groom's wedding outfit is an individual expression personified as styling excellence. Grooms today are not just partners beside the bride; they are icons of style, donning men's wedding suits that perfectly blend tradition with contemporary tastes. Here are a few trends you might want to keep close to if you are the next Dulheraja. 

The Rise of Colourful Outfits For Men

Stepping away from the classic beige and white, grooms are now choosing colourful outfits that add a splash of personality to their wedding day look. We at Tasva bring you wedding suits for grooms in shades like the serene blues of an 'Aqua Open Front Sherwani' or the vibrant pinks of a Pink Floral Embroidered Sherwani that makes you stand in equal splendour next to your beautiful bride.

Bold Patterned Jackets

The trend of bold patterns has hit the groom suit ideas with a full boost. Jackets adorned with intricate designs, such as the ‘Classic Bundi In Brocade’, offer a way for the grooms to express their fashion-forward mindset. When wearing these traditional yet modern groom outfits, it's key to let the jacket remain the hero piece, paired with understated attire to maintain a balanced and elegant look.
 Pieces like our 'All Over Printed Kurta Bundi Set' with its intricate floral vine detailing and the 'Single Bundi in Jacquard' offer a striking alternative to traditional groom attire. These jackets serve as the centrepiece of the men's wedding attire, infusing personality and modern elegance into the ceremonial wear. Perfect for the groom who desires to stand out, these jackets create a visual statement that is both sophisticated and celebratory, embodying the contemporary spirit of wedding fashion. 

 Mix and Match: Combining Textures and Fabrics

This year, grooms are boldly mixing textures and fabrics for a distinct look. The art of combining diverse textures and fabrics is at the forefront of 2024’s wedding fashion trends for men, giving rise to groom suit ideas that are personalised and avant-garde. Tasva's 'Modern Sherwani With Grown Neck Detail' exemplifies this trend, marrying the richness of traditional wear with the sleekness of modern cuts. The luxurious fabric of the sherwani for men juxtaposed with smooth churidars introduces a delightful play of textures, offering a contemporary twist to the classic wedding dress for grooms. 
Velvets, silks, and brocades are being woven into men's wedding outfits, providing a tactile diversity that captivates the eye. Moreover, 2024 is an era to boldly adorn modern wedding suits for grooms which are all about eclectic sophistication and timeless appeal. 

Accessorizing to Stand Out

Being in the fashion biz ourselves, we would be wrong if we didn't accept the high importance of accessories in menswear these days. In the current landscape of men's wedding fashion trends, accessories have become a pivotal element of the groom's ensemble, propelling creative and distinctive ideas into the realm of haute couture. So if you are looking to up your men's wedding wear ideas, we at Tasva have you covered with the best. A discerningly selected sarpech can crown a groom with regal finesse, while Tasva's 'Six Layered Ivory Beaded Mala' introduces a level of sophistication that transcends mere fashion statements. 
 Brooches, like the 'Gold Crystal Studded Brooch', add a touch of opulence, and tasteful pocket squares infuse a pop of personality and colour coordination that is uniquely reflective of the groom's persona.  

These adornments are not mere embellishments; they are expressions of individuality, essential to crafting a memorable and distinguished groom wedding outfit that stands out with elegance and personal flair. 

Mojari & Footwear: From Classic to Contemporary

Footwear is the finishing touch to any groom's wedding day ensemble. In 2024, the range extends from classic mojaris, like Tasva's Gold Brocade With Square Motif Detail Mojari, to contemporary designs such as stylish Leather Slingback Loafers
To get a complete look, put on the best wedding suits for the groom and complement them with footwear that is reflective of your style and suits the formality of the occasion. 

In essence, the wedding fashion for grooms in 2024 is all about showcasing personality through a mix of colours, patterns, textures, and accessories. Tasva is at the forefront, offering a collection that captures the essence of modern men's wedding suits. Each outfit from Tasva provides a narrative that aligns with the groom's vision for his big day—ensuring that he feels nothing short of spectacular as he takes the momentous steps down the aisle.